4th Meet Up for Strategic Partnerships

Datum: 18 januari 2018

Time: 14.30h – 18.00h (registration and coffee from 14.00h - 14.30h)
Location: Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, 2512 GA Den Haag

You are welcome to join a ‘Meet Up’* for Strategic Partnerships about civic space, on January 18th 2018! Together with a core group of organisations in the Strategic Partnerships, Partos organizes regular meet ups for short, informal discussions on topics of interest to all of us, with lots of network opportunities.

This meeting is the fourth meeting as part of this learning and network initiative that was started by a core group of organisations in the Strategic Partnerships (now consisting of IUCN NL, NIMD, Red Cross and SNV), with the support of Partos. This time the Meet up will be on 'Countering the effects of shrinking civic space - changes in strategies and measures to safeguard our partners and activists.'


The trend of shrinking civic space negatively influences the work that we and our partners undertake as part of the Dialogue & Dissent Program in different ways. Regularly partner organisations are being submitted to legal, financial or administrative restrictions. Civil society organisations and their activists, especially those defending human rights or the environment against the interests of the state or multinationals, are increasingly the subject of restrictions and reprisals. In response, organisations are redirecting their strategy to address the issue of shrinking space or to remain effective in shrunken space, or they are developing initiatives that seek to offer protection to endangered persons and organisations.


In this learning event we like to highlight the effects of shrinking civic space on civil society organisations and how different organisations deal in different ways with these effects. We will jointly explore different innovative counter strategies of our partner organisations: How can civil society organisations claim more civic space? How can partner organisations adjust their strategies to remain effective? What innovative preventive and/or protective measures organisations can undertake to prevent the organisation or people from further threats? And how can we support our partner organisations in these efforts?


Two of the Partnerships are going to do a presentation, followed by an exchange of lessons learnt in subgroups. Check this page later for more information on the programme.


*About the Meet Ups

How is it going? What have we learned so far? Who is doing what? What can we do together? The initiative started with a first meeting on The Practice of The Theory of Change, the second meeting on ‘Building capacity for lobby and advocacy’ and the third on ‘Joining local, national and global forces in advocacy'.


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You are welcome to join this Meet up! The meeting is free for members of Partos. Non-members pay €25. There is a maximum of 40 participants, so make sure to register on time. Registration and coffee bar opens at 14.00h, the Meet up starts at 14.30h with an update of the Partos Civic Space Platform.


Partos-members can register via the yellow button 'Inschrijven' below, that is visible once you are logged in. (If you do not have an account, please register first).

Non-members can send an e-mail to info@remove-this.partos.nl.


See you there!