The Efficiency Lab: lessons learned

Datum: 23 november 2017

Do you want to improve the way you address efficiency in various stages of your project cycle? On 23 November The Efficiency Lab organizes a half day learning event in The Hague, where you can analyze your efficiency with help of experts! Interesting for programme officers, funders, project managers and evaluators.


The Efficiency Lab was initiated in response to the MFS II-evaluation (in Dutch). From this evaluation we learned that most development practitioners, policy makers and evaluators struggle with the concept of efficiency. How to measure, monitor and evaluate efficiency? The Efficiency Lab aims to help development organisations to improve the way they address efficiency in the various stages of a project cycle.


Core group
The Efficiency Lab has a core group composed of a staff of 11 Partos-members (the Dutch Association for NGOs working in international development). They are supported by a panel of experts, composed of:

  • Markus Palenberg: CEO of the Institute for Development Strategy in Munich, Germany. Author of what is considered standard literature in this field: 'Tools and Methods for Evaluating the Efficiency of Development Interventions. Evaluation Working Papers.' Bonn: Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (2011).
  • Pol de Greve: Development Economist at Context, international cooperation, with experience in assessing the efficiency of development projects.
  • Antonie de Kemp: worked as a researcher for The Netherlands Court of Audit, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) and the Institute for Research on Public Expenditure (IOO). He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997, and has been an evaluator at IOB since 2005.


Topics and cases
On November 23rd, this panel will formulate recommendations on how to assess efficiency for approximately 10-12 typical cases of development projects. These include projects concerning:

  • value chain development
  • primary and informal education
  • higher education
  • micro finance
  • water supply
  • sanitation and hygiene
  • disability
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • gender equity/equality
  • lobbying and advocacy/influencing policy
  • conflict prevention and peace building
  • renewable energy


Interesting for you?
Through providing practitioners with a resource that contains a set of different typical cases taken from the practice, they can pick a case that most resembles their own project and use the methods and tools for analyzing efficiency recommended by the panel of experts. Therefore, this learning event is interesting for:

  • Programme officers of development organisations who are in charge of project identification and design;
  • Funders who need to make a selection of projects to which resources will be allocated;
  • Project managers who are responsible for project planning and implementation;
  • Evaluators who are expected to evaluate the efficiency of development interventions.


For more information, contact Anne-Marie Heemskerk or Heinz Greijn who will facilitate The Efficiency Lab. Venue is still to be determined.


Do you want to join on November 23rd? Partos-members can register via the yellow button 'Inschrijven' below, that is visible once you are logged in. (If you do not have an account, please register first). Non-members can send an e-mail to