Partos Civic Space Platform: Lessons from Russia’s civic space

Datum: 28 juni 2018

In the global trend of shrinking civic space governments are copying legal, administrative political and policy tactics from each other. One of the best examples is the way states are adopting anti-NGO laws  similar to Russia's Foreign Agents Law and Undesirable Organizations Law.

These laws and a host of repressive tactics have had a chilling and paralyzing effect on civil society in Russia. As we know, comparable attacks on civil society are taking place in an increasing number of countries. Can we learn from the experiences of Russian human rights defenders and CSOs? What did they do to counter this trend and to reopen civic space in Russia? How did

Amnesty International support their efforts, and have they been successful?

Amnesty's Russia coordinator Monique van Ravenstein will explain this in the next civic space platform meeting on the 28th of June. We will also talk about the planned activities and new initiatives for the rest of 2018. There is an evaluation of the survey on the counternarrative. Lastly, we will also talk about the role that civic space plays in the new policy note of minister Kaag. Sign up by sending an email to

Location: Partos, Ellermanstraat 18b, 1114 AK Amsterdam

Date: Thursday 28th of June

Time: 10:00-12:00