Strategic Partnerships Meet up: How learning can strengthen local ownership

Datum: 22 november 2018

The topic for this meetup in Strategic Partnerships concerns learning! 


Learning is an important aspect of the Dialogue & Dissent program. For most Strategic Partnerships working with Theories of Change is quite new. Assumptions are monitored and the theories require regular updating following changes in the context and lessons learned. For this Partos meet-up, we will therefore put the topic of learning central: How SP's are working on basis of a ToC strengthens local ownership? 


In relation to these topic, we will focus on the following questions: 

How to strengthen local capacities in learning? How to strengthen facilitation of local learning processes/south-south learning? How to deal with the issue of quality and local ownership in local learning processes


Three partnerships will present their cases, followed by an exchange of lessons learnt in subgroups.

  • Cordaid Strategic Partnership: “Capacitating change: restoring the social contract in fragile contexts.” - Koen Faber                                                                                                                        Rethinking the Theory of Change by the partners increases ownership and is a crucial learning moment for reflecting on progress, context and L&A strategies. The result is not a perfect TOC, but a living document that helps both our partners and Cordaid to continuously improve our work.
  • Voice, a grant Facility based on principle Nothing About Us Without Us - Marinke van Riet, Programme Manager.                                                                                                                                Linking and Learning is at the heart and soul of Voice, a grant facility implemented by Oxfam and Hivos in ten countries in Asia and Africa. The linking and learning component is facilitated by local organisations which provides for a different dynamic. How does this work in practice? And what is Voice learning about this approach?  
  • Shared Resources Joint Solutions and the Green Livelihoods Alliance- Charlotte Floors                          While the Theory of Change was a new instrument for many partners in the two strategic partnerships that IUCN NL is involved in, partners are now actively using the tool to learn. IUCN NL will share their experience in facilitating and using this in the mid-term reviews and the annual learning meetings.  



Location: t.b.d. in The Hague Humanity Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 CJ The Hague

Starting time: 14.00 hrs, closure: 17.00 hrs. Drinks afterwards till 18.00 hrs

For whom: For staff within the Strategic Partnerships and others interested.

Price: Free for members of Partos. Non-members pay € 25,00

For registration, please send e-mail to


The program of this sixth meetup Strategic Partnerships is prepared by IUCN NL, NIMD, Red Cross and SNV. On this page you find more information about the earlier edtitions and a link to Dropbox with presentations and takeaways of each individual meetup. Although focussing on topics that are part of the Strategic Partnerships, the meetings are open to all Partos members.