Toekomstverkenning #3

Datum: 01 februari 2018

The world around us, and with that the world of development cooperation, is changing quickly. To interpret and anticipate on these changes, Partos set up a trajectory of future exploration. The goal of this project is for all stakeholders in international development to be(come) resilient and adequately flexible towards the future.

Together with Perspectivity, Partos organises this future exploration based on ‘transformative scenario planning’. It uses scenarios not only to understand and adapt to the future, but also to change and challenge it. It offers a way to transform ourselves, as well as our relationships with one another and thereby transform the system of which we are part. Within the process of transformative scenario planning, it is important to involve actors representing the broader system. That is why Partos set up an exploration team with diverse backgrounds, to involve as much ‘perspectives’ as possible.


During the first meeting of the exploration team trends and uncertainties were identified. The second session built on the trends and uncertainties identified in the first session, and explored outlines for possible future scenarios. During this third meeting on February 1st, the implications of the different scenarios for (Dutch) development cooperation will be operated.


Want to be up to date on this trajectory? Follow the project page of the Future Exploration on The Spindle website (Partos Innovation Platform).