Partos host workshop op International Civil Society Week


Volgende week is Partos aanwezig bij de International Civil Society Week op de University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. De International Civil Society Week (ICSW) is een initiatief van CIVICUS, de wereldwijde koepel voor NGOs. Anne-Marie Heemskerk is namens Partos een van de 600 deelnemers van de conferentie en geeft ook een workshop over ‘New Ways of Cooperation for Civil Society Worldwide’.

Samen met het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Africans Rising, CIVICUS, WACSI en anderen heeft Partos deze workshop opgezet om ‘civil society partnerships’ onder de loep te nemen. Volg Anne-Marie Heemskerk op Twitter via @anheem en lees hieronder meer over de workshop. Houd de website van Partos in de gaten voor een uitgebreider verslag van de International Civil Society Week.   


Addressing inequality in civil society partnerships
5th of December 2017


Development partners face a world which has changed dramatically over the past decades. Global challenges such as climate change, tax evasion, increasing inequality and mass migration ask for global solutions. There is a strong belief that in order to tackle these challenges, more equitable civil society partnerships based on solidarity, trust and a clear division of roles are needed. While the international development system strives to strengthen such partnerships, research has shown that the very nature of the development system often prevents this from happening. Instead of being equal partners, civil society actors within the development system often end up in funder-implementer relations. In this workshop we aim to unpack why the development system has this tendency, how this affects civil society actors in both high and low income countries, why it is important to overcome this tendency, and we explore ways to do so.



  • 09h00    Words of welcome by Pacific Islands of Non-Government Organisation (PIANGO)                “Explaining the importance of equal partnerships”
  • 09.15     Introduction to the program, Anne-Marie Heemskerk (Partos)



  • 09:20      Unpacking the perverse influences of the development system, Jelmer Kamstra, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 09.40      Reflections with the audience
  • 10.00      Short presentations by panelists on how the development system shapes their partnership
  1. Reflections by an actor of southern based civil society working within the development cooperation system :  Matel Sow, WACSI
  2. Reflections by an actor of northern based civil society working within the development cooperation system : (speaker to be confirmed)
  3. Reflections by  an actor of civil society working outside the development cooperation
  4. System : Luis Bonilla Ortiz-Arrieta, Techo
  • 10:15     Reflections with the audience
  • 10:45     BREAK (15 minutes)



  • 11:00     Working sessions in World Café Setting
    How can we address the power imbalance and create more equal civil society partnerships?
  • 11.45      Plenary presentation of main takeaways from working group sessions
  • 11.55      Concluding remarks by Kumi Naidoo, launching director of Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity
  • 12.00     Closure