Takeaways: The impact of COVID-19 on partnership programs & response strategies


The current COVID-19 crisis and the uncertainty of its implication for countries in the Global South already affects the way we cooperate with local partners and is, on the long term, likely to have a lasting impact on our relations and ways of working together. To collect the different experiences and to share ideas on how to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities related to the COVID-19 response and partnerships program, Partos organised an online meetup, on the 2nd of July. 


In this session, we were inspired by the lessons learned by The Climate Centre (virtual inclusive partnerships), The Red Umbrella Fund (participatory decision-making) and from NEAR and their involvement in The Grand Bargain (localisation of aid). The meeting was prepared by the preparatory group for the Partos meetups and facilitated by Marije Nederveen (Oxfam Novib).


We've reached the conclusion that the current COVID-19 crises provides civil society partnerships with many challenges but also with an opportunity for change that should not be wasted. To realise inclusive, participatory partnerships that enable locally led and implemented development, it is important that we lobby our donors and expand the flexibility provided, but also that we learn from the existing practices from organisations that already made progress on this agenda, and apply those lessons to our organisation and partnerships.


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