Trajectory on Post-Covid-19 world: complex potential futures


The Berlin International Civil Society Centre’s Scanning the Horizon platform, in collaboration with the ‘Convenors for the Futures network’ will be working on an international initiative to map post-COVID-19 world. Partos, a member of these platforms will participate in this project and invites its members to join this initiative.

Throughout this trajectory, international civil society organisations (ICSOs) will explore how they can strengthen their strategic capacity in order to analyse and anticipate on global trends effecting their work. How do major global trends - both the urgent and the important - might interact with each other to bring about different potential future states? The meetings will enable peer exchange between member organisation’s global strategists and foresighters and futures thinkers from diverse private, public, academic and philanthropy backgrounds.

Firstly, the ICSC invites everyone to fill in this survey to identify the most “critical lines of inquiry”. Secondly their Scanning the Horizon platform is holding three online sessions in May to explore the interconnections between climate change, civic space and an emerging post-COVID-19 world. Working and discussion groups will explore these major global thends and do a big mapping exercise about a changed post-COVID-19 world, in order to track and synthesise some of the emerging signals of change relating to major uncertainties our sector faces as a result of state and societal responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the succeeding months, these groups will work on collaborative initiatives. The outcomes will be presented in a session in September/October.  


Looking at how the future development of global trends will affect, or be affected by, other forces can both generate new insights and challenge assumptions held by organisations to keep them strategically and socially relevant. Partos encourages her members to join this initiative! The deadline for application is on the 15th of May. More information and the application format can be found here.