Update Integrity


[NL] In 2018 is de Handreiking Integriteit opgeleverd om organisaties te ondersteunen in het versterken van hun integriteitssystemen. Veel organisaties zijn hard op weg met de implementatie. Tijd voor een update: we delen graag de uitkomsten van ons onderzoek over externe klokkenluiderspunten.


[EN] 2019 is the implementation year on Integrity. In 2018 the Integrity System Guide was developed to support and strengthen the Integrity system of organisations. Many organisations are making good progress. We would like to update you on new developments, with a special focus on the results of our market scan on external whistleblowing points.

Het blijkt dat op dit thema Engels de voorkeursvoertaal is, omdat het thema ook letterlijk over grenzen gaat. Vandaar dat de rest van de informatie in het Engels verloopt.


Whistleblowing point 

In the Integrity System Guide, the importance of and need for external whistleblowing point has been put forward and translated into new parts for the Code of Conduct of Partos and Accreditation Requirement. Relevant to mention is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a donor requires organisations to have a policy on the protection of whistleblowers. To support organisations to put this into practice, a market scan was conducted, in which the various available options for whistleblowing organisations are illustrated. 


As Partos, we firstly explored if we could fulfil the role of whistleblowing point ourselves. Because of our membership structure and relations and since the back-system requires expertise and capacity, this appeared not to be viable. Market research was done in cooperation with some of our members. The result is meant to guide member organisations which do not have an external whistleblowing point yet and are looking to have one. It is not meant as a limitative list. In the search, we focussed on internationally operating organisations. Relevant criteria when choosing were:

  • approachable in multiple ways (email, phone) in countries where you operate
  • communication in native language possible, e.g. by an interpreter
  • anonymous reporting possible and guaranteed
  • providing services for all kinds of integrity breaches and having a specialist for different themes

A general recommendation is to separate the whistleblowing service and the investigation procedure. If an organisation provides both services, a conflict of interest might occur. In any case, you should at least pay attention to this aspect when contracting a whistleblowing organisation. Ask yourself: how do they prevent conflict of interest? One of the providers mentioned here below stated that they offer a point of reports and refer to external research companies in case an investigation is needed or asked for.


This checklist can support you when choosing a whistleblowing point.

We considered comparing the prices of different organisations, but in practice that was not feasible, as the pricing depends on the size of the organisation and on specific agreements. We also found out that it is not hard to obtain offers as most organisations have client desks which can be easily approached by phone or email.

As you can see, our market scan identified organisations in the UK. We did not come across many Dutch organisations, but one is currently being researched, together with Goede Doelen Nederland. We will update you once that study is ready.

Lastly, it is very well possible that your organisation is using another whistleblowing point. Please share this with Arno Schans (arno@remove-this.partos.nl), so that we enrich our view on the whistleblowing landscape.


Highlights update | Learning & training

  • Online training | Training institute Integriteit op Maat has been contracted to build an online training module on integrity, focussing on the humanitarian sector. Cases are taken from a survey with our members. This training will be accessible for everyone and is the first introduction to integrity: what role does integrity play in daily working life and how can one become conscious of moral judgements? Partos is contracting Kaya Humanitarian Leadership Academy as a hosting platform. We work together with Goede Doelen Nederland. After the summer the training will be launched.
  • Game | Together with Morals@work we are developing a humanitarian development-version of dilemmax. Dilemmax is a card game, to be played in a group setting, on moral issues that occur in working life. It helps to share values, norms, points of view and moral judgement. Side-effect: teambuilding! This card game is also expected to be launched after summer. Partos will make sure every member organisation receives a set. Morals@work will also be present at the Partos Innovation Festival on October 11th.
  • Training course | Training course for Integrity Officers / Organisational Course Integrity System. The Integrity System Guide prescribes the presence of an Integrity Officer in the organisation. For many a new role with all kinds of expectations and heavily weighing responsibilities. Partos and Goede Doelen Nederland are in the process of finding a training institution with a to-the-point course to support the integrity officer and the organisation as a whole to improve its integrity system. After the summer we will inform you more on the matter.


Question: Who wants to be part of the Partos Integrity Network and stay informed?

Let us know who of your organisation should be addressed when Partos is communicating on Integrity. This might be multiple persons. Please share name, function, email and telephone number with Arno Schans (arno@remove-this.partos.nl).


If you have any questions or remarks, please send an email to the Integrity project leader Arno Schans (arno@remove-this.partos.nl).