Partos event

CEO leadership meet-up #2

After a successful first CEO meet-up about participatory & inclusive decision-making, Partos is hosting the next CEO meet-up about ‘Collectively making Impact’. Research conducted by Partos identified 9 themes being important for CEOs, and one of those was ‘collectively making impact’.

  • Date and time 15 June 2023, 15:00 - 17:00 CET
  • Where TBD
  • For whom CEO’s of Partos members

Collectively making impact

The world is bursting with significant challenges that are complex, large and comprehensive. Too big for NGOs to tackle on their own. So, should we rise above ourselves and decompartmentalise the sector? Are we too much in a development cooperation sector bubble? Are we pushing the right buttons? Making broader connections between sectors and organisations seems necessary for more collective impact. Systemic work, whereby not just a few organisations in the South, or from the West, but a joint course is set. Where precisely a network of interconnecting programmes (and/or organisations, movements) make the difference, rather than money-driven projects. With big ambitions, needed to tackle big challenges. Working together in alignment to be maximally effective. This has implications for organisational form, planning, funding, M&E, communication and ambitions.

During this first thematic event, CEOs of development organisations will come together to get inspired, exchange insights and create connections. Expect insightful talks, group exchanges and informal talks over drinks.

Re-imagining leadership

The challenges facing development organisation leaders are great. Social issues and also the global playing field are becoming increasingly complex. This also affects strategic choices, and thus the internal organisation. What does all this mean for you as a CEO and how you manage your organisation? As a CEO, you sometimes have a lonely role, with plenty of daily worries and constantly emerging opportunities. Working intensively on strategy is often under pressure. Space for reflection is needed to then move forward again. Despite the vast supply of leadership literature and training, there is little support explicitly provided tailored to people working in leadership positions like you. We often hear from directors and managers that there is a need for an exchange to jointly arrive at enriched insights, make cross-connections, and re-imagine leadership.


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