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Climate Justice narratives and movement, with the Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)

How does your work link to climate justice? Can we consider climate justice as a cross cutting theme in the Strategic Partnerships? Do we have learning questions around climate justice?

  • Date and time 27 September 2022, 12:30 - 14:00 CET
  • Where Via ZOOM
  • For whom Everyone who's interested

After a series of walk-in sessions over the summer, we will organise different thematic sessions for our monthly SP lab. In this session, we will focus on climate justice as a cross-cutting theme that integrates critical components for mapping sustainable pathways for future development.


Climate justice recognises the needs of the climate-vulnerable poor, demands equitable distribution of climate finance, and promotes vulnerable groups’ participation in climate policy decision-making. It implies the restructuring of global and national power relations.


What is this session about?

In this interactive online session, PACJA will explain their work, share their vision on the cross-cutting nature of climate justice and the importance of collaboration between Southern and Northern climate justice movements. There is time for a structured dialogue, and we will also dive into learning questions about climate justice in the development sector and specifically in the Strategic Partnerships.

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