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Partos event

CoP Data & Digital: the first open knowledge session!

Under the guidance of Partos and PeaceTech Lab NL, the Community of Practice Data & Digital was launched this year, focusing on two themes: Data Reporting & Utilization (DRU) and Privacy, Security & Ethical Considerations (PSE). The Community of Practice aims to bring NGOs closer together on these themes by encouraging knowledge exchange and collaboration. Learn more about this by joining our first open session on Tuesday, December 13th! 


  • Date and time 13 December 2022, 15:00 - 16:30 CET
  • Where Online, ZOOM
  • For whom Partos members

What is it about?

In this first open session on PSE, two CoP members, Ana Garza (RNW Media) and Remco Geervliet (Max Foundation), discuss their various challenges in terms of sharing information on the Internet. In which Ana tries to overcome censorship and Remco searches for the limits of Open Data.

A quick peek behind the scenes of experts.

What will we do?

During the open session we will go into two separate breakout rooms:

1) Ana presents a joint research with CIJ and RNW Media’s Global Network to overcome censorship on Facebook when advertising about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR/SRHR). How to establish equitable tech rules? And how do you market your interest to companies like Meta? Ana talks with her colleague about these challenges and possible approaches!

2) Remco takes you through his journey in Open Data at Max Foundation. Where do you start? What do you take into account? And especially: what do you get out of it? With practical tips and tricks, and success stories from his practice, Remco shows what you can do at your organization as well.

Join us!

Be there on Tuesday, December 13 at 15:00CET. And if you’re interested, join the Community of Practice yourself! Sign up during the open session, or afterwards with Casper Staat at