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CoP Inclusive Communication #7 – Content production

In the next session of the Community of Practice Inclusive Communication on the 28th of March, we would like to revisit the topic of content production, because we want to elaborate more on this matter and get deeper insights about the challenges and ways forward. The main question is, how can we make the process of creating storytelling and content production more equal and inclusive?

  • Date and time 28 March 2023, 15:00 - 16:30 CET
  • Where Online, via Zoom
  • For whom Participants of the community of practice on Inclusive Communication

In this session of the Community of Practice, organised by Partos & The Expertise Centre of Humanitarian Communication, we will dive into participatory storytelling and co-creation methods and what this means for the (new) role of the communication professional. We think the answer must be sought in creating communication content in which values such as agency, equality, solidarity, and, above all, humanity are central. And equally important, the content produced should be a result of a participatory process which includes, and is sensitive to, the people and the context that the communication is about. In other words, the way forward towards ethical and inclusive communication could be based on participatory storytelling, co-creation and other forms of collaboration.

Interviews about inclusive content production

In the coming weeks, Wouter Oomen will interview several professionals about how you create content in an “inclusive & co-creative” way. What are the challenges and best practices of participatory storytelling and other inclusive creative tools in the production process of communication for development? So if you want to share your experiences with the community (and ultimately with the sector) please give us a message, and we will schedule an interview. The interviews will become the basis for the third and final Future Brief about content production, aimed at supporting development cooperation practitioners in their quest for more ethical, inclusive and equitable communication.


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