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Decolonisation and systems change for climate justice: The role of INGOs

It is time to decolonise our global economic system for climate justice. How does your organisation understand system change and contribute to that? What are the entry points and challenges for Dutch NGOs and partners, and how can we work together as a sector?

  • Date and time 30 May 2023, 13:00 - 18:00 CET
  • Where Museum Sophiahof, The Hague, Sophialaan 10, 2514 JR, The Hague
  • For whom Members of the Climate Justice Community of Practice and other interested development professionals

Colonialism, past and present, has profoundly shaped the contemporary world. Existing inequalities within and between countries, racial hierarchies, state forms, international trade patterns, and financial flows have been strongly shaped by colonial practices and enduring legacies. The climate crisis perpetuates these inequalities. Colonial thinking and history still define and reinforce social, political and economic processes that cannot be dismissed by organisations working in development cooperation with the common goal of making the world more equal, just and sustainable.  

In this session, we aim to reach a common understanding of the current political and economic system, how it is shaped and which mechanisms reinforce it. And we will explore how NGOs, through their programmes and activities in the Global North and South, can contribute to systems change for climate justice.  


Programme outline

Walk-in and Intro  
Workshop by Aralez: our common understanding of the current economic system, how it is shaped and reinforced by colonialism and results in climate injustice.  

  • Part 1: presentation Q&A
  • Part 2: group work
Short presentations followed by group conversation:  

  • What are entry points for Dutch NGOs and their partners to contribute to systems change and specifically climate justice? What are , opportunities and challenges?  
  • Where do we see opportunities for (more) concerted and joint action for climate justice in the development sector? 



Wrap up and time for drinks and bites    

Additional Information

  • The outputs of the sessions will be used as input for a joint narrative/manifest aimed at mobilising concerted action by Partos members and partners in pursuit of Climate Justice.  
  • How to best reach Museum Sophiahof
  • A more detailed programme will be added before May 18. Not in The Netherlands but interested to join online? We are looking into the possibilities… Send a message to 


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