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Inclusion inventory: co-creating an agenda for diversity, inclusion & equity

Partos embarks on a journey to centralise Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as a key approach to accelerate social justice, anti-discriminatory and inclusive transformation in the sector, from within. While we see examples of NGOs taking steps on DEI, there has been little space to share experiences and obstacles on the way. Join us in this inventory session to identify challenges & needs around applying DEI strategies within your organisation! 

  • Date and time 29 June 2022, 13:00 - 14:30 CET
  • Where Online
  • For whom Professionals involved/passionate in building more diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations


  • Introduce Partos’ strategy for 2022. 
  • Gathering challenges & needs around promoting and integrating Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in your organisation. 
  • Equip participants with general knowledge on building a DEI strategy. 
  • Co-create the foundation for a learning journey on DEI that Partos aims to roll-out in fall 2022. 

What’s the case?

In the last years, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has gained more ground as a strategic approach to organisational change for businesses and organisations. While the non-profit sector is no exception to this trend, the case of DEI for purpose-driven organisations is not as crystal clear and straightforward as it seems. The sectors evident links with colonialism, racism and white superiority, and ongoing inequalities in international partnerships call for deep self-reflection on internal values, working culture, and representation. NGOs are slowly coming to terms with this social reality, and have started different approaches to work on this: DEI working groups, advisory committees on decolonisation, implicit bias workshops & trainings, safe spaces, etc.  

One of the common pitfalls of DEI interventions is that they are often not embedded in the organisational strategy of a team/organisation, lack leadership commitment and a sense of ownership among the staff. The web is full of resources and guidelines to ‘take real and successful action on DEI.’ But where to start and in what order? What DEI initiatives are suitable for the size of our organisation and the scale of our programs? There is a lot of potential for learning to understand the case of DEI for NGOs. However, there has been little exchange between NGOs on their DEI approaches and their experienced challenges and best practices. We believe that it is time to open up and start sharing.

What to expect

Join Partos in an inception workshop that aims to map out the current challenges and needs around realising diversity, inclusion & equity in the non-profit sector. This session aims to bring together professionals involved/passionate about building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organisations and teams. Your input and ideas will be used to shape the learning trajectory on DEI that Partos will roll out in September 2022.  


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