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Closing Event – Leave No One Behind Re-imagined

Join us in the final serenade of the Leave No One Behind Community of Practice and reflect on the journey and milestones thus far. Through an interactive session, we will discuss how the concept of LNOB has shifted in the sector over the years, how it is applied now, and map our learning needs for the future. 

  • Date and time 28 September 2023, 13:00 - 14:30 CET
  • Where Online
  • For whom Anyone interested!

After 8 years, the moment has come to close this Chapter of The Leave No One Behind (LNOB) Community of Practice. Over time, the term and its application has also shifted, along with the engagement and dedication of the members of this learning community. As a platform for learning & innovation, we also need to evaluate and adapt our approaches. While the goal of LNOB remains ever relevant, it is time to seek different forms of engagement.  

What to expect?

During this closing event we aim to reflect on the journey and milestones of the LNOB Community of Practice, whilst collecting suggestions for the future. Furthermore, we invite you to give input on what topics and needs matter most to you. We want to explore what it truly means to Leave No one Behind in our programs, and how other organisations are doing it in practice. In this learning session we aim to: 

  • understand the changes we can see in approaches of organizations towards LNOB and highlights our current stance through lively case-studies.  
  • Share an overview of the Milestones and resources created over the years by the LNOB Community. 
  • Explore opportunities for engagement and integration of the LNOB community of Practice in relation to other workstreams; decolonisation, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Shifting Power. 
  • Collect the learning needs and challenges and exchange practices and learning tools on LNOB.  


In 2013, the Partos Leave No One Behind Platform was initiated by Partos members to develop, share and promote knowledge, innovative solutions and policies that contribute to ending poverty and exclusion. Over the years, the LNOB has grown into a diverse and rich community with global representation from all sorts of rightholder groups. This culminated in many valuable events, publications and knowledge exchanges.  

LNOB is a term that has been in our sector for years. We often include this in our programs, and refer to reaching, including and collaborating with those who are furthest left behind.  Over the years, emerging trends and movements calling for decolonization, equitable power relations, have inevitably led to rethink how Northern INGOs relate to the communities they (cl)aim to work for. Furthermore, what is the impact of the increasing presence of emancipation movements and activists representing minority groups on how civil society partnerships approach LNOB in the development landscape? And what is our role as INGOs to co-create partnerships in which the voices of vulnerable communities are represented?

Stay involved!

The spirit of LNOB will be continued and integrated with other workstreams within Partos, such as Shifting Power, Decolonisation, Diversity Equity & Inclusion and Climate Justice. Instead of co-hosting of activities by a select core group, we will explore alternative collaborations. You are welcome to think along! 

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