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Learning session on Feminist MEL

Would you like to learn on key principles of Feminist MEL? Are you interested in exploring opportunities and obstacles for integrating Feminist MEL in the successor of the current SCS-policy framework (including the SDG5 fund)? And would you like to be inspired by best practices of how Feminist MEL can be applied? Then this session is for you!

  • Date and time 10 October 2023, 15:00 - 17:00 CET
  • Where Online, ZOOM
  • For whom See below


In the first half of 2023, MEL coordinators of several Strategic Partnerships (SPs) and MEL representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) have entered into dialogue to discuss MEL in the Strengthening Civil Society (SCS) framework. Among the points discussed are the current reporting guidelines and the use of IOB quality criteria for evaluation. It became apparent that differences exist between Progressive Feminist MEL approaches and the MEL approach of the MFA. As a result of these dialogues, Partos committed, with the input of MFA, to organising a session on Feminist MEL.

Parallel to the SP MEL dialogues, the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Task Force of MFA wrote, together with Count Me In! and Power Up! consortia, a concept note to explore feminist MEL approaches. MFA is open and positive to learn about feminist MEL as part of the new Feminist Foreign Policy and to explore opportunities for the successor of the current SCS policy framework (including the SDG5 fund) and other policy frameworks in all thematic areas of MFA’s work.

In this session we will:

  1. Jointly learn about key principles of Feminist MEL
  2. Explore opportunities and obstacles for integrating Feminist MEL in the successor of the current SCS-policy framework (including the SDG5 fund)
  3. Share best practices of how feminist MEL can be applied to inspire the NL MFA, IOB, SPs and others.

For whom:

  • MEL officers and programme coordinators of the Strategic Partnerships (especially encourage the participation of MEL focal points and coordinators from Southern partners)
  • MFA MEL focus points
  • IOB
  • MFA Strategic Policy Advisors
  • MFA FFB cluster
  • Other Partos members interested in Feminist MEL

Hightlights of the session:

More information will follow soon.

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