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Masterclass Power Structures in Development and Human Rights – from an African feminist perspective

  • Date and time 7 September 2022, 08:30 - 10:00 EAT
  • Where Online
  • For whom Everyone who's interested in power structures and privileges in development and human rights

Vice Versa global is hosting a thought-provoking Masterclass on Power structures in Development and Human Rights, and as a Partos member, you get a 100 EURO discount.

The world has a thriving civil society that: fights against inequality, tackles human rights violations, and fights for gender equality/justice. Everywhere in the world civil society organizations and social movements are faced with opposition from governments and fundamentalist groups, resulting in a shrinking civic space for their work.

At the same time, there is also another problem that requires attention: the unequal balance of power and privilege between civil society organizations in the Global North and the Global South. Southern grassroots organizations and social movements run into structural barriers in obtaining funding and support for their work, especially the ones working on Women’s Rights and Feminism. Even when determining the topics and priorities of the global agenda, the following still applies: who pays; decides. Finally, it is still the Western view of development, knowledge and feminism that is seen as superior within the discourse.

How can we change this and create global solidarity that makes better use of each other’s strengths? How can we be equal partners? Looking at things and struggles from an African feminist perspective and intersectionality can help.

The series kicks off on the 7th of September at 8.30 EAT, but will consist of 6 different online masterclasses about power structures and privileges in the field of development and human rights. Vice Versa Global will work with you to look beyond the surface and do justice to contemporary problems: as well as how to confront them and work towards developing solutions.

The Masterclass will be facilitated by international feminist experts; Rachel Mwikali, Diakhoumba Gassama and Judicaelle Irakoze.

The application fee is 500 EURO but if you’re a Partos member the fee is 400 EUR0. Go to Vice Versa Global for more information and registration.

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