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Partos event

Moreel beraad/Moral deliberation

  • Datum en tijd 10 september 2021, 09:00 - 11:30
  • Voor wie Directors who attended the Partos training on moral judgement

We organise a moral deliberation/moreel beraad for directors who attended our training on moral judgement. With this moral deliberation, you have the opportunity of putting what you have learned during the training into practice, together with your colleagues. Frans Geraedts, a.o. founder of G&I, will be hosting the meeting.

This pilot session is free of cost. For future sessions, there will be a small fee charged for attending the moral deliberation/moreel beraad.

You can subscribe to the pilot session by sending an e-mail to Mariska Keizer. As yet, we assume the meeting will take place via Zoom.