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RNW Media Masterclass

Coming in September 2024! This masterclass from RNW Media focuses on creating AI-powered solutions for recording, navigating, and responding to opportunities for NGOs.

Starting September 10th, in 5 weekly sessions, from 15:00-17:00, we will explore fundamental notions needed to make informed decisions, reflect on the socio-technological aspects of AI in relation to justice, and social change, and provide practical tips to improve the effectiveness of our interventions.

Here are the descriptions of the sessions:

Session 1 – Understanding AI: Programs, Power, and Global Perspectives (10th of September): We will explore the umbrella term Artificial Intelligence, and its related concepts Machine Learning and Deep Learning by going through the key ideas of machine thinking: data, input, output, rules, predictions, learning, stakeholders and values. We’ll touch on AI’s practical applications like prompt patterns for different areas of our work and reflect on what (can) be AI for Good, which voices are part of the conversation in the current landscape and what can be strategic ways of interacting with technology.

Session 2 – Using AI: data, data, and more data. What can AI do for us? (17th of September): This masterclass focuses on creating AI powered solutions to record, navigate, and respond to opportunities for NGOs. Participants improve their understanding on how they can leverage their understanding in finding, streamlining, and gathering insight about opportunities in areas such as funding or collaboration. Upon completion, participants will have a better understanding of:

  • Streamlining opportunities through automation
  • Analysing opportunity performances
  • Gathering insights into opportunity conditions/prerequisites

Session 3 – AI & Communication: Cultivating a Human & Hope-Based Approach (24th of September): On this session we focus on integrating a human-based approach to AI in communication, exploring core values for alignment and accountability through the do-say-mean-show framework. We will navigate the capabilities and limitations of AI, highlighting its optimal uses and areas of caution, particularly for engaging donors and stakeholders effectively.

Session 4 – AI Ethics: Creating Ecosystems of Responsibility, start date (1st of October): This masterclass is designed to discuss and create a shared understanding of the critical intersection of ethics and artificial intelligence, offering insights into the key ethical concepts essential for the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. Participants will discuss several examples of ethical frameworks, to tackle the real-life ethical dilemmas AI presents.

Session 5 – Regulating AI: The NGO Guide to the AI Regulatory Landscape (8th of October): With the EU AI Act approved by the EU Parliament on March 13, the world’s first comprehensive legal framework on AI, we are stepping into a new era of regulating AI. In this session, we will use the EU AI Act as a case study to delve into the latest trends and developments in global AI regulation. We’ll explore the key provisions of those legislations, dissecting its implications and consequences for NGOs and CSOs.


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