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Shifts in Communication

Live Session | Partos Innovation festival

  • Date and time 8 oktober 2021, 13:30 - 15:15
  • Where Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam
  • For whom Partos-members, partners, participants especially interested in communication

How can NGOs tell people’s stories authentically and ethically in an increasingly digitalised world? How can we enhance collaboration with partners, storytellers and content makers in a continuously changing media landscape? Join us live at Pakhuis de Zwijger to explore the power dynamics between NGO’s collecting content and the people who agree to have their stories and images shared.

Shifts in communication

The countdown has begun! On October 8th 2021, Partos organises the 8th edition of the annual Innovation Festival, celebrating innovation within development cooperation. Although mostly online, some sessions will be held at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Get ready for a beyond fascinating session on ethical and succesful storytelling. Learn about some of the ethical dilemmas NGOs face in the light of communication as well as how these can be tackled. Of course, we’ll also cover best practices in story-gathering, storytelling and content production. Due to COVID restrictions regarding in-person events, you’ll have to register seperately for this live session.

Shaping public narratives

The way we talk, the words we choose to use and the images we show shape public narratives. Increasingly aware of this fact, a growing number of NGOs actively confront language, images and narratives – as well as the ideologies they perpetuate and the way they set up creative collaborations in their content production. It’s a challenging process that requires questioning one’s role in endorsing social and political discourse around global inequality, poverty and injustice. What lessons are to be learnt when it comes to the different forms of creating & tailoring communications and campaigning to better advocate for development?

Moderator & Speakers



Wouter Oomen | Moderator of this session, Wouter is a Lecturer and PhD candidate at Utrecht University, working on a dissertation on humanitarian communication. His work focuses on the postcolonial roots of development communication and on networks and alliances in the production of campaigns. He is also the co-director of the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication.


LAM Sisterhood | The LAM Sisterhood is a content studio that fills the world with stories for African women to feel seen, heard and beloved. Founded by three African feminist storytellers, their international award-winning and nominated works span multiple disciplines including film, stage, audio storytelling and experiential theatre. As Innovators in Residence at the Aga Khan University Media Innovation Centre, they are currently developing the Brazen Universe where they tell the life stories of extraordinary African women who’ve shaped the world.


Joost Bastmeijer | Joost is a Nairobi-based photojournalist. As a freelancer, he works for Dutch and international media outlets, combining photography, text and video. Alongside his work for clients like The Guardian, Trouw, National Geographic and NOS, Joost has worked on many multimedia assignments for NGOs like Amref Flying Doctors, Hivos, Justdiggit and WFP. During the Partos Innovation Festival, Joost will talk about his experiences working for organisations in the development sector. How can nonprofits benefit from an innovative multimedia approach? How can online storytelling add layers to regular communication channels? And is it even possible to create both text, video and photography during one field trip?


Sarah Page | Sarah is an experienced NGO communication professional with over six years working within international NGOs, particularly in the Middle East, including SPARK, Amnesty International Israel and Human Rights Watch UK. Sarah holds a BSc in Psychology, is a published freelance journalist and has a background in documentary filmmaking (BBC). Sarah employs ethical storytelling and hope-based communications principles throughout her work.


Join us at this session at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Due to COVID restrictions regarding in-person events, you’ll have to register separately to attend this live workshop and be able to present a COVID access pass.