About us

Partos is the Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development.

Partos brings together a membership of more than 100 Dutch development NGOs. Through defending the interests of its members, Partos enables them to work successfully towards a just and sustainable world for everyone. In an atmosphere of mutual trust, Partos connects, strengthens, renews and represents its members with a view to effective development cooperation.

Partos is the largest cooperation of development organisations in The Netherlands.

In 2004 over 60 Dutch civil society organisations initiated Partos, with the aim to establish a strong voice towards the government and other parties. Since then Partos has become a distinctive and recognized player in the field of development cooperation. Partos organises a wide variety of activities and programmes on topics such as quality assurance, innovation, learning and the public perception of development cooperation. Furthermore, Partos supports its members in improving their efficiency and reduction of costs through Shared Services. Check out the 'Leestafel' (in Dutch) to find out more about the themes Partos is working on day-to-day.


Visit also Thespindle.org (powered by Partos), a platform where Dutch development organisations and their international partners work together on innovation.