About Partos

Partos is the Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development. Partos brings together a membership of more than 100 Dutch development NGOs.

Together Works.

Through defending the interests of its members, in the field of advocacy, communication and innovation, Partos helps members to successfully work towards creating a just, fair and sustainable world for everyone. Moreover, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, Partos strives to connect, strengthen, renew and represent its members, in order to contribute to effective development cooperation.

What we do

Our activities and communities are related to the following areas:

Effective development organisations and effective development cooperation, that’s what it’s all about at Partos. By creating space and conditions for members, they can work with impact.

Partos’ lobby focuses on three themes: the financing of effective development cooperation, space for a strong civil society and policy coherence for development.

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Through communication, together with members and partners, we highlight the relevance, impact and results of development cooperation towards politics, the public and the media.

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Partos facilitates joint learning and innovation by Dutch development organisations and their partners to drive improved and new approaches and solutions for a just inclusive and sustainable world.

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Benefits for members


Your organisation will generate greater effectiveness through Partos joint lobby and advocacy.


Your organisaion benefits from shared knowledge and is supported in the development of own knowledge.


Your organisation professionalises through training courses and meetings.


Your organisation will benefit financially by using our shared services.

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Are you interested in the work of Partos? Do you have a question or are you considering becoming a member? Let’s connect!

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