Workshop | 13.30h - 14.30h | Stop nou eens met die kortstondige knalcampagnes, en word 'Always On'! Internet anno nu lijkt op geen enkele manier meer op het internet van vijf jaar geleden. Toch is onze manier van online communiceren en werven in die tijd nauwelijks veranderd. En ondertussen vragen we ons af waarom het aantal donateurs en vrijwilligers terugloopt, waarom mensen zich minder snel laten overtuigen en waarom we niet meer gezien worden. Het collectief Online Slimmerik van Patrick Klerks helpt organisaties als het Liliane Fonds, Max Havelaar, Milieu Centraal en de Verenigde Naties met het vinden van een nieuwe, meer effectieve methode om structureel te groeien in een online wereld die kneiterhard verandert. Dit alles wordt door Patrick toegelicht aan de hand van inspirerende praktijkvoorbeelden.

Workshop | 13.30h - 16.20h | To create (world) change is one thing. To facilitate or guide true transformation is another. Sometimes you wish you could directly design the transformation. This workshop will illustrate how the Design Method Toolkit and the Sustainable Development Box (picked up by UNDP) work as vital instruments to create sustainable concepts and to design transformation. Join Marco van Hout, lead design at MediaLAB Amsterdam, in organizing the creation of solutions for global challenges towards 2030 in a designerly fashion. Learn how designers think and do and transform the world, by design. You will experience how you can go from goals to using methods, and from results to insights.

Workshop | 15.20h - 16.20h |  Google voorspelt dat in 2018 maar liefst 80 procent van onze zoekacties om beeld draait in plaats van tekst. De harde conclusie: wie niet visueel zichtbaar is op het internet loopt de kans om 'vergeten’ te worden. Het goede nieuws: door de snelle technische ontwikkelingen kun jij nu ook zélf professionele films te maken, gewoon met je smartphone. Een vaak gekozen vorm is vloggen: een persoonlijke, snelle en goedkope manier van communiceren. Maar hoe maak je eigenlijk een professionele vlog? Deze workshop van Henk Harding (Character Media) licht alvast een tipje van de sluier op: Hoe maak je een vlog die van begin tot eind boeit én je organisatie in een goed daglicht zet?

Event | 11.15h - 12.15h | In the grande finale of The Spindle Innovation Awards the best innovations and best ideas will be pitched by their owners. Who will win the Public Award for Best Innovation and whose pitches will convince the Jury to win The Spindle Awards for Best Idea and Best Innovation at the plenary closing of the Festival? Furthermore, Scott Kennedy (Buycott) will host a Lightning Talk on innovation trends. Like last year, the event will also host a big 'poster peer review'. A must-attend for all innovators in and around international development!

Workshop  | 11.15h - 12.15h |  Rural Hubs as cool place for young enterprises Want to know more about South-South learning? The E-motive project uses a collaborative peer-to-peer learning approach to address rural opportunities for youth and the challenge of youth employment. Ronald van Moorten (E-motive expert) will show participants this unique method and show current cases with the country team of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Maartje Willemijn Smits (researcher at Utrecht University) is currently monitoring the E-motive South-South in these pilots of Rural Hubs and will give her outcomes and conclusion on this type of learning. Is peer-to-peer learning in practice supporting their question: how to include young women in rural enterprise initiatives? Share your knowledge, reflect on South-South learning and let’s strengthen the concepts of Rural Hubs further! 

Workshop | 15.20h - 16.20h |  Are you facing a complex challenge? Don’t miss this workshop! Complex challenges are journeys of discovery, involving many actors and factors that are intertwined. The result of their interaction is unpredictable. Especially when you are working on an innovation and particularly when you are working in international development. Fortunately, we can deal with complexity in a sensible way! In this workshop, Perspectivity will show you a transformation tool to help you navigate complexity. The Complexity Navigator is made up of nine building blocks. Each block is a stepping stone on the journey to create collective impact. Learn how ‘complex’ differs from ‘complicated’ and exchange experiences and challenges on your journey in complexity.

Workshop | 11.15h - 12.15h |  In these complex times, our continued effectiveness as NGOs requires an ability to experiment, learn and adapt in response to the unique dynamics in the contexts where we work. What does that mean for our agencies? How can we ensure that our leadership, incentive structures, systems, culture and working practices are enabling and encouraging agility? After a short overview of Mercy Corps’ journey towards organisational agility, participants will explore these questions, and think what it means for their own organisations. Join us if you would like to think about how your organisation can encourage (or undermine) innovation and adaptation!

Workshop | 11.15h - 12.15h | Ever wondered why Calls for Proposals are often written in such uninspiring language? Do you struggle to write in an attractive way without using buzz words and NGO jargon? Marginalised and/or discriminated people are often excluded from funding opportunities; they are assumed to be in the capacity to respond. Voice aims to reach out to those left furthest behind. Therefore, Voice has set out to make their calls for proposals more fun and inclusive. For example by allowing people to use different ways to connect with Voice through video and audio proposals. Join this workshop to learn more about this inclusive way of grant writing, interesting for both grant writers and for those who set out calls!

Workshop | 11.15h - 12.15h | Finding long term funding is well possible, even within the shrinking space for civil society organizations. A recipe for healthy and financially sustainable relationships with your donors is involvement. Moving away from the competition mindset towards building coalitions with your peers, donors and other stakeholders. Nazli Tuncay, consultant at Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy, will discuss with you approaches, limitations and solutions to make it work for your organization as well. Get ready for some new perspectives in the world of finding funding!

Workshop | 13.30h - 15.00h | Your head is spinning. You’re in the cloud, mystified by technology. Should you focus on the dot on the horizon or on internet of things? What's the next step? The scarceness of resources forces organizations to better share information about development activities. How can data and technology help? Together with Prof. Dr. Mirjam van Reisen (Tilburg University and Leiden University) you'll look at the trends and possibilities of data and technology in bringing developing countries to the next level. Maaike Blom & Rolf Kleef (Data4Development) will present the case of Woord en Daad. Their full data production process illustrates how data is used to improve projects. What works and what not? Get to work with your own data to support your results of today!

Workshop (Invite only!) | 13.30h - 16.20h | The Spindle Inspiration Council will explore the future of international development cooperation in collaboration with some experts in the field, hosted by Tricia Lustig from LASA Insight Ltd and trainer & coach Floris Rommerts. LASA Insight Ltd is an international strategic foresight consultancy which helps people make sense of today’s uncertain times. Using some strategic foresight tools, the session will result in insights on trends and their (unintended) consequences for the future roles of INGOs.

Game | 11.00h - 16.30h | At Partos Innovation Festival we invite you to play a game: find six real life animals that are actually present on the location! Search and find their footprints, use the Safari Central app to make them visible, play around, create a photo and share to contribute for the cause of these animals being endangered. Safari Central wants to engage people around the world with Wild Life and the problems animals face in their daily surroundings. The six animals from six different conservation organizations are introduced to play a role in your daily life, to be augmented and to #RewildYourWorld. Come play and join the herd!

Workshop | 11.15h - 12.15h | Ever thought about the dangers of technology knowing you, your habits, your interests? Even more so, ever thought about how the information we consume reinforces a system of exclusion? Or perhaps you have wondered what all this fuss about inclusion is? After all, who really cares as long as my busy life is running on schedule? The majority of us are practicing some form of digital imperialism without knowing it, says Caroline Williams of Microsoft, who can tell you all about it during this session. With all the technological possibilities, how do you ensure that you are not also including a dose of digital imperialism with your development work? Come and find out!

Workshop | 15.20h - 16.20h | Knowledge is power. Arjan El Fassed (Open State Foundation) aims to make this knowledge available to all and to create a more transparent government by advocating open data and stimulating its re-use. El Fassed uses innovation in order to help keep civilians informed, politics transparent and policy makers accountable. At Partos Innovation Festival he will tell you how and why. How can we unlock government data in order to provide people with information about their politicians? For example parliamentary and spending data, data of FOIA requests, Politwoops - their realtime archive full of tweets deleted by members of parliament or - a register of unanswered parliamentary questions. As a former member of parliament, El Fassed knows the importance of access to such information like no other.

Panel | 15.20h - 16.20h | Development cooperation is a domain in transition. On all levels actors need to revisit their position and underlying assumptions & agenda’s, from vision and mission to value proposition. What should be the major focus? What does this mean for our own functioning and the way we cooperate? Join us in this explorative discussion, which will be vividly and critically facilitated by Bahram Sadeghi. Panelists Kehkashan Basu (founder Green Hope Foundation), Moses Isooba (director Africans Rising), Ronald Siebes (coordinator Strategic Partnerships at the MFA) and Eveline Aendekerk (director dance4life) will initiate the discussion with the audience, by sharing how they envision shaping the future and how they bring this into practice.

Mezrab | 11.15h - 12.30h & 13.30h - 15.00h | Mezrab is a cultural center in Amsterdam where storytelling, art, dance, theater, music and a lot more is being staged. It is a place where different cultures meet and everyone can tell their story. What started with small gatherings, has grown into a cultural space and community. The popular storytelling cafe will be for the first time on Partos Innovation Festival. Mezrab will provide us with beautiful, strong, innovative, touching en inspiring stories from all over the world and totally in mezrab style. The founder Sahand Sahebdivani kicks off and after him will follow many fascinating storytellers.

Tour | 11.15h - 12.15h & 15.20h - 16.20h | At the first Partos Innovation Festival in 2014, Partos published a book, 'Van Start-ups tot Striphelden', which described various innovative projects of Partos member organisations. In 2015 the 'Innovatiesafari' was born, to show the public what became of these projects one year later. Grab your binoculars, because the Safari is now a regular element of the Innovation Festival, showcasing our members' newest ideas and projects! Our tourguides Sobhi Khatib (Social Innovation Strategist at RNW) and Veerne Koops (Sustainable Entrepreneurship Advocate) show you what Akvo, IUCN NL, DCHI, Light for the World and ZOA are doing. See you there!

Market | 11.00h - 16.30h | Climb the stairs of the Royal Tropical Institute to reach 'The Roundabout', a circular isle overlooking the foyer, filled with interesting stands. At this market, you can find innovative products and services brought to you by over fifteen different organisations and social entrepreneurs. Wander alongside books, recycled articles and talk about new solutions. Be inspired! With i.e.: Wakuu, Ferander, Ecowings, Liquid Gold, Afrika Studie Centrum, Bright LoopsBuilding Change, AAWS, Perspectivity, Heroes & Friends, Sprockler, Beyond Borders Media, Wereldwinkels, MAKMENDE, participation.toolsStudio Connecting Cultures and World's Best News!