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More about Partos Lobby & Advocacy

Partos represents organisations on various forums. The interests of our members are actively promoted, both in The Hague, European circles as well as on global platforms and in the media. Partos lobby allows our members to be more effective through promoting joint interests and influencing policy towards the public, the private sector and politics. The effectiveness of such shared initiatives is greater and at the same time prevents a fragmentation of the development sector’s message. The Partos lobby team also supports its members with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Strategic Partnerships. As an association, Partos forms a bridge between social organizations and the government.

Partos lobby

The Partos lobby is run by the Partos team. This is done in close collaboration with the Partos lobby group. It includes lobbyists from various Partos member organisations, who have an explicit mandate to work on the three core themes of Partos. The Partos lobby focuses on the following themes:

  • Financing development cooperation
  • The role and space of civil society organisations in development cooperation and civic space
  • Policy coherence for development

From here to there

The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that offers a helping hand internationally, and Partos is proud of that. Development cooperation plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a sustainable and just world. This also includes adequate and correct financing, otherwise, we will not get there.

It has been internationally agreed that countries invest at least 0.7% of their Gross National Income on development cooperation. This financing is much needed in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The Netherlands has also made that promise. However, in practice, whether countries live up to this promise differs.

The 0.7% standard in the Netherlands has been out of sight for years. Every year 1.4 billion euros is deducted from the Dutch development budget. Despite recent additional resources, structural cutbacks made by previous cabinets haven’t been compensated.

Partos is committed to ensuring that the Netherlands will adhere to the international agreement. We focus on election programmes, coalition agreements and debates in the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), among other things.

In addition, civil society organisations worldwide are under pressure, which is worrying as they are essential to achieving inclusive and sustainable development. Investing in civil society remains a priority for Partos and its members. society organisations are central to a well-functioning society and can therefore manifest themselves powerfully as a counterpower. These are invaluable roles, not only on the other side of the world but also here in Europe and the Netherlands. However, civil society organisations are under pressure, partly due to government restrictions. Partos members are jointly lobbying both in The Hague and the European Union for more financial space for civil society.

Cooperation works.

Development cooperation works. But development cooperation is not the only thing that contributes to sustainable development. The 99.3% of government spending that does not go to development cooperation also has an impact on developing countries. Unfortunately, this influence is sometimes negative. Consider the role that the Netherlands plays in facilitating tax avoidance, which results in developing countries missing out on a lot of taxes. Metaphorically speaking, you might say that what the Netherlands gives with one hand, it then takes away with the other.

In 2015, Partos developed a coherence monitor together with the Max van der Stoel Foundation and Woord en Daad, called “Let’s Walk The Talk Together”. With input from many Partos members, various cases that demonstrate incoherent policy are described, along with a large number of recommendations to the minister. Since then, “policy coherence” has been one of the key points of the joint lobby by development organisations, coordinated with the help of Partos. Coherent policy is extremely important to achieving a sustainable and just world for everyone.

Under the name ‘Building Change‘, we work together with Foundation Max van der Stoel and Woord and Daad to lobby for fair Dutch policies that do not have a negative impact on sustainable development in low-income countries. “Sustainable development ‘at home and abroad’, both economically, socially and ecologically.

The Lobby & Advocacy newsletter

Partos has a specific newsletter about its lobby activities which is open to all employees of Partos member organisations. This newsletter is sent approximately every month.

and the network is kept informed of the advocacy work of the Partos Lobby group. Apart from this, if you join this list you will stay posted about the inspiring meetings that are organised several times a year.

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