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Political Monitor

Would you like to stay informed about what is happening in The Hague without having to keep up with all the parliamentary papers and debates yourself? With our Dutch Partos Political Monitor we inform our members about political developments in the field of development cooperation.

Weekly update

As a Partos member, you can subscribe to this weekly monitor for free. Every Friday you will receive the update in your mailbox. This update consists of a selection of relevant parliamentary papers and news items, including a brief summary. We also make regular reports of debates and the mailing contains a political agenda. Please note that it is only published in Dutch.

Online monitor

In addition, there is the online monitoring system: a database that allows you to search and read back all articles. The relevant pieces are categorized by party and topic, so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Furthermore, in the online monitor you will find the profiles of the members of the House of Representatives dealing with Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, including relevant motions, amendments and parliamentary questions by them.