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Code of Conduct

Every Partos member subscribes to the Partos Code of Conduct. For Partos, the organizational quality of member organisations is important, especially because of its relationship to effectiveness and efficiency, but also with a view to integrity and public trust. A code of conduct that reflects the values according to which Partos member organisations wish to act is an essential tool in this regard. There is also a compliance procedure. All the documents regarding integrity on this page can also be found in Dutch.


Partos Code of Conduct 2019 (EN)



Charities, humanitarian aid and development organisations hold integrity in high regard. It is also expected of them. For years, various measures have been taken to work on acting with integrity within organisations and to do justice to all those with whom and for whom we work. In the Netherlands, in addition to the code of conduct, as required by Partos for its members, we have a supervisor in the CBF (Dutch Central Fundraising Office) with strict standards belonging to the Erkenningsregeling (Recognition Scheme). We also work together with Goede Doelen Nederland to support organizations with learning programs on integrity. Individual organizations often have their own codes of conduct and confidential advisors, as well as internal hotlines. For inspiration, take a look at Partos’ internal code of conduct, intended for Partos employees (Dutch only).

Read more about integrity here.

Partos members should set up an integrity system. The Integrity System Guide explains how such a system works and can be set up within an organization. The Roadmap Integrity System offers practical and structural steps to set up and develop an integrity system. All the documents on this page can also be found here in Dutch.

THE INTEGRITY SYSTEM GUIDE 2022 (EN) (interactive version)


ROADMAP INTEGRITY SYSTEM 2023 (EN) (working document)