About Partos

Partos is the trade association for development cooperation and unites more than 100 Dutch development organisations.

Together Works

In mutual trust, Partos connects, strengthens, innovates and represents its members for impactful development cooperation. The goal of this cooperation is an inclusive, peaceful, just and sustainable society for all, with a focus on the poorest and most vulnerable groups and territories worldwide. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form a comprehensive thread in this regard.

Development Cooperation

Development cooperation is still badly needed. Millions of people live in poverty. Social inequality is high, and there are many conflicts worldwide. Not everyone has clean water. Moreover, climate change hits poor countries and communities hardest. Fortunately, numerous development organisations are working on these issues together with partners, concerned governments and citizens. Development cooperation represents a broad set of tools, policies and strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And with results! Globally, poverty has been halved since 1990. As a result, fewer people are malnourished; more are educated and employed. Meanwhile, 90% of children in developing countries attend primary school. Malaria and tuberculosis have been halted. And 2.3 billion people worldwide have clean drinking water. Together, we achieve a sustainable world with opportunities for all!


The founding year of Partos

It is 2004. More than 60 civil society organisations in the Netherlands want to have a strong voice together towards the government and other parties. They unite in Partos. And now, for 20 years, the trade association has been championing the interests of CSOs in the Netherlands.



Starting with 60 members, Partos now represents 108 development organisations to form a voice together. They know that Together Works.



Where Partos represents 106 organisations, they in turn, represent a constituency of 4 million people!

The Partos team

With a team of 12 employees and four interns, Partos works every day with great enthusiasm on various activities and projects. For and together with its members.

Benefits for members


Your organisation will generate greater effectiveness through Partos joint lobby and advocacy.


Your organisaion benefits from shared knowledge and is supported in the development of own knowledge.


Your organisation professionalises through training courses and meetings.


Your organisation will benefit financially by using our shared services.

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We believe that cooperation and connection are necessary for both people and nature to flourish. Nature is not separate from humans, but is an integral and inseparable part of nature. We also see this need for cooperation and connection among Partos and all its members. So it is with great confidence that we, as WWF-NL, look forward to doing our part in this.
Together works when we as international aid organisations actually succeed in complementing each other on our important and topical issues, using our own competencies and strengths for the benefit of common goals. Then we rise above the boundaries of our own organisation, however small or large, and actually work on what is needed globally for a hopeful and just world.
World Vision
Working together for us means connection and there is a reason it is one of our core values as an organisation. Whether it concerns soccer players, coaches, volunteers, fans, clubs, communities or partners. It means having conversations as a team, sharing knowledge and experiences, innovating together to advance the experience and societal power.
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