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Call for Participation: Racial Equity Index Organisational Assessment

How accountable is your organisation towards racial equity? The Racial Equity Index is building an index to hold the global development sector accountable for dismantling all forms of systemic racism. On May 11th, Partos & the Racial Equity Index held an online information session on the work of the Racial Equity Index  and their Racial Equity Organisational Assessment. The recording of the session is now online. Interested in taking the Assessment? Click the button below!

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23 May 2023

About the Racial Equity Index

The Racial Equity Index aims to hold the global development sector accountable for all forms of systemic racism. It is one of the leading initiatives pushing for more transparency and action for anti-racism within the development sector. It is led by a team of dedicated humans that have lived through experiences of racial inequity in the sector. In 2020, development organisations picked up social movements’ alarm rings on the racial injustices that still prevail in our world. However, the Racial Equity Index observed that “the global development sector has a very poor track record as it relates to engaging with issues of racial equity and racial justice in a meaningful manner. This is particularly stark when we acknowledge the colonial roots of modern global development practice.”

Are you interested in taking the assessment?

While the assessment is accessible for all organisations, The Partos Innovation Hub and Racial Equity Index are offering the opportunity for Partos members and their partners to take the organisational assessment with the guidance of the Racial Equity Index, followed by online meetings with other Non-profit organisations for introspection and reflection of racial equity practices and ways to move forward. Contact for more information and click here to leave your details.

About the Session

The informational session was for organisations and individuals who want to learn more about the Racial Equity Index and are interested in applying the Organisational Assessment Tool. The Racial Equity Index shared the purpose, methodology, and tool that this BIPOC led and formed collective has created based on extensive research of how racial (in) equity shows up within organisations and the global development sector at large. Within this one-hour session, we discussed the following: 

  • A Quick introduction to the Racial Equity Index is and why it was developed. 
  • Explanation of the Racial Equity Organizational Assessment Tool and how organisations can engage. 
  • Ways to get involved with the Racial Equity Index and how to support building the community. 

Our commitment

As part of our Learning Trajectory on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we recognise that racial equity is a crucial and inherent part of our work to dismantle all forms of discrimination and call for social justice within the world and our institutions. We have taken steps to integrate a Racial Equity lens into our Learning trajectory. We will continue pushing for more accountability for equity among our members and the sector by partnering with initiatives such as the Racial Equity Index.