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Climate Justice Learning and Innovation Trajectory 2023: Join the Community of Practice

How ambitiously and inclusively the world tackles climate change will determine our success or failure in achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Today’s climate and environmental crises threaten the survival of humanity. All dimensions of our lives are affected, from our physical and mental health to our food, water and economic security. Though the climate emergency affects all of us, it exacerbates existing inequalities caused by wealth, age, race, and gender.

22 December 2022

Climate Justice: essential for advancing all SDGs

Addressing climate change must be done through solutions that redress inequalities, transform unequal relations of power and improve the well-being and resilience of frontline communities. As such, climate justice is essential for the advancement of all SDGs as well as the Paris Agreement. The Dutch development and environment movement share a common ground that motivates their plea for climate justice. Both share a deep, acute concern about climate change, the desire to be part of the transition, and the understanding that a broad movement and united front is paramount for scaling up and out climate justice programs and exerting maximum political pressure, influence and power.

Launch Climate Justice Learning and Innovation Trajectory 2023

The importance of Partos members working together on Climate Justice was widely shared at the Partos AGM in November 2021. In 2022, Partos organised several activities to consult a selection of its members on what role Partos could take up in cooperation on Climate Justice. Among other actions, the need for learning and knowledge exchange to strengthen climate justice programs and to create evidence-based stories and thoughtful lobby priorities was emphasised. This learning trajectory has taken shape over the past months. We are now excited to announce the launch of a Climate Justice Community of Practice in early 2023!

Climate Justice Community of Practice (CoP)


The purpose of the Community of Practice is to strengthen Partos members’ climate justice programs by learning if, how and when these programs:

  1. activate structural system change, and
  2. manage to reach considerable scale-up and scale-out.

Furthermore, we hope to reach essential side effects on informing lobby & advocacy at national, European and other regional and global levels. Last but not least, we hope the trajectory leads to the mobilisation and collaboration of members, for example, on joint program design and implementation.

Target group

The CoP will be open for all members of Partos interested in Climate Justice Programs in the Global South and willing to contribute to mutual learning. We will actively seek participation and engagement in both the development and the environment movement.

Networks connect, communities care!

We aim to learn in a Community of Practice in which members commit to come together 4 or 5 times per year and actively share knowledge, experiences, lessons learned and define shared ambition and actions. We envisage that active inputs will come from members and, where necessary, from external experts.

Climate Justice CoP activities

Learning and innovation sessions

Partos members gather during strategic Learning & Innovation sessions at least 4 times a year. We will collectively brainstorm, share best and worst practices, explore shared ambitions and see how we can strengthen our climate justice programs. Dates and programme are still to be defined. Sign up for the Community of Practice by writing to Sonja Bleeker (, and we will keep you informed. The first three sessions are:

  1. Online kick-off event: February 28 2023, 15-17 CET
    What does mainstreaming climate justice mean for international development programming? In this session we will also present the learning trajectory.
  2. First face-to-face session: March 21,: Climate justice in adaptation programs, Oxfam Novib offices, afternoon programme. Save the date!
    How do frontline communities define climate justice, which principles are critical for them? What makes an adaptation programme a climate justice programme?
  3. Second face-to-face session: April/May 2023: Climate finance
    How can climate finance be inclusive? How can frontline communities claim and get access to this finance? How can we track and influence finance flows and volumes?
Narrative exploration

A solid common narrative from the development and the environment movements together will enhance mutual respect, common understanding, dialogue and collaboration between organisations and result in strengthened programs and joint advocacy. Throughout the learning trajectory we will explore if and what common narrative we have.

Documentation of Best Practices

In 2023 we will work on the documentation of best practices in climate justice programs. This document will not only stimulate knowledge  exchange between program managers, but can also provide input for local or national lobby & advocacy efforts.

Join this Community of Practice

Are you interested in strengthening Climate Justice Programs in the Global South and want to join this Community of Practice: please fill in this registration form.

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Illustration: Gorka Gil