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Podcast Asma Naimi in conversation with Alexandra Juhas | The Power of Storytelling

Are you a changemaker and interested to learn more about the ethics and impact of storytelling? In this podcast episode, Asma Naimi interviews Alexandra Juhasz about the original storytelling approach of the Doing Things with Stories (DTwS) project, a global initiative by Oxfam Novib, ArtEZ University of the Arts, and Radboud University.

08 June 2023

The Doing Things with Stories (DTwS) project is an invitation for passionate changemakers to collectively imagine a better future by creating conditions of narrative change and meaningful interventions and approaches toward collective action. Alexandra shares her first-hand experience and insights as a resident of the project and distills best practices on how the storytelling process can create meaningful communication and connection between people from different parts of the world. In this podcast episode, Asma Naimi interviews Alexandra Juhasz about the original storytelling approach of the Doing Things with Stories (DTwS) project.

Listen to the episode.

About Dr. Alexandra Juhasz

Dr. Alexandra Juhasz is a distinguished Professor of Film at Brooklyn College. She makes and studies committed media practices that contribute to political change and individual and community growth. Her work as a media artist, curator, and writer is strongly linked to social justice issues. She is the author/editor of scholarly books on AIDS, including AIDS and the Distribution of Crises (with Jih-Fei Cheng and Nishant Shahani), and fake (and real) documentaries, Really Fake (with Ganaele Langlois and Nishant Shah). Her current work is about feminist internet culture; with Pato Hebert, Long Covid; and with Alisa Lebow, Beyond Story.

About Dr. Asma Naimi

Dr. Asma Naimi is a writer and social entrepreneur who is passionate about combining knowledge and creativity to create social change. This podcast is based on her upcoming Storytelling for Social Change Guidebook, a collaboration between Changemaker Studio and Shortway Productions. The guidebook shows how storytelling is essential to create awareness about societal challenges and to make an impact by combining insights from ancient methods, groundbreaking artists and the latest science on social movements.

CoP Inclusive Communication

Partos and Changemaker Studio have initiated this podcast on The Power of Storytelling as part of the Community of Practice on Inclusive Communication. Partos and the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication started this community in 2022 to explore in which ways we can make our communication work more ethically, inclusive and equitable in all senses. Not only through the stories we tell or the words and images we use but also in our ways of working with our international partners and communities involved.