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Brown Bag Session #3: Navigating the Interplay of Religion and Secularism in International Development

Together with Dorcas we present our third Brown Bag Session, a short online, informal learning session.  In an increasingly interconnected world, the sphere of international development often becomes a meeting ground for diverse ideologies and belief systems. This Brown Bag Session aims to explore the intricate dynamics between religious and non-religious actors within this realm, examining how identity, inclusion, and impartiality are navigated amidst differing core values. Our focus will lie on fostering dialogue and understanding, seeking pathways towards collaborative inclusion efforts that respect and integrate varied perspectives.


  • Date and time 14 May 2024, 12:00 - 12:45 CET
  • Where Online, via Zoom
  • For whom Aynone interested in the interplay between religion, secularism, and international development.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Defining the Landscape: An overview of the role of religious and non-religious actors in international development, highlighting the influence of faith-based organizations (FBOs) alongside secular entities.
  2. Identity and Belonging: How religious and secular identities shape the approaches to and perceptions of development work, influencing both strategy and implementation.
  3. Tensions and Common Grounds: Exploring the points of contention and potential synergies between religious and non-religious actors, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding.
  4. Inclusion and Impartiality: Strategies for inclusive dialogue and action that ensure impartiality and equity, drawing from successful case studies where diverse actors have collaborated effectively.
  5. Ethics and Values in Action: The role of ethical considerations and core values in shaping development initiatives, and how differing value systems can coexist and enrich these efforts.

Session Goals:

  • To foster an environment of open dialogue that bridges the gap between religious and non-religious perspectives in development.
  • To critically analyze the challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of faith and secularism in this field.
  • To identify practical steps towards inclusive and impartial development practices that embrace diversity.

Who Should Attend?

This session is designed for development practitioners, and anyone interested in the complex interplay between religion, secularism, and international development. Whether you come from a faith-based perspective, a secular viewpoint, or anywhere in between, your insights and experiences are valuable to this conversation.

Join us!

Brown Bag Sessions – ‘Leave No One Behind’

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