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Brown Bag Session on intersectionality- Kick-off Climate Justice CoP

We invite you to our second Partos Brown Bag Session, a short online, informal learning session. In this Brown Bag Session, we will be taking a deep dive into intersectionality in Climate Justice. What is intersectionality, how does it relate to climate justice and what are examples of initiatives that have effectively integrated intersectionality into climate justice programs? Together with our great panelists and you as an audience we will explore these questions!  

  • Date and time 28 March 2024, 12:00 - 12:45 CET
  • Where Online, via Zoom
  • For whom Partos climate justice CoP members and other interested international development professionals


Intersectionality is highly relevant to the concept of climate justice because it emphasizes that the impacts of climate change are not uniform across society. Instead, they intersect with various social identities and systems of oppression, leading to disproportionate effects on marginalized communities. 


In this Brown Bag Session, we delve more into intersectionality and its relevance to climate justice. Our panelists will share their insights related to questions like:  

  • How do various social identities intersect with climate vulnerabilities in different regions of the world? 
  • What are the key principles of intersectionality, and how can they be applied to enhance climate justice efforts in different cultures and contexts? 
  • Examples of successful projects or initiatives that have effectively integrated intersectionality into climate justice programs and amplified the voices of marginalized groups? 
  • How can INGO practitioners ensure that their climate justice initiatives are inclusive and responsive to the diverse needs and experiences of marginalized communities (what are barriers/opportunities)?



Adeline Tibakweitira, Partnership Development Manager, VSO 

Semerian Sankori, Founder & Executive Director of Patinaai Osim 


Programme outline

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Conversation with the panelists, with input form the audience.
  • Video about gender impact on climate.
  •  Closure and Climate Justice CoP updates

Join us!