Partos event

Integration of Climate Adaptation by the Dutch Development Cooperation Sector

We are delighted to announce the last physical climate justice event of 2023, for learning and exchange about climate change adaptation in Dutch Development Cooperation. Together with Jelmer Kamstra (IOB), Rosa van Driel (Care), Raquel Hädrich Silva (TU Delft) and the participants, we will engage in insightful discussions about the efforts of the sector to mainstream adaptation and reduce risks for vulnerable communities affected by climate change. We start at 15h, and from 16:45 to 17:30h there is time for some drinks, bites and socializing!  

  • Date and time 19 December 2023, 15:00 - 17:30 CET
  • Where Partos office - Ellermanstraat 18B, 1114 AK Amsterdam
  • For whom Climate Justice CoP, Partos members, other persons interested

The main focus of the session

The central questions of this event are:

  1. How is climate change adaptation mainstreamed in Dutch development cooperation, and how has this approach effectively reduced risks for people vulnerable to the effects of climate change?
  2. Is reported adaptation finance accurate, and does it genuinely contribute to climate adaptation?
  3. What are the social justice implications of Dutch climate adaptation programmes?

Who will be on the panel?

Jelmer Kamstra (IOB) will provide insights about climate change integration in Dutch water and food security programmes funded by the Netherlands, based on a recently launched IOB study on this topic.  The report, among other topics, presents insights how has this reduced risks for people vulnerable to (the effects of) climate change?

Furthermore, the panellists (with the COP28 fresh in mind) will share and reflect upon the global discussions on adaptation finance and the role of The Netherlands. Does this finance lead to reduced risks for frontline communities? What is the accuracy and effectiveness of reported adaptation finance? What is the role of the private sector? And what are social justice implications?

Through this panel discussion, we hope to generate meaningful insights and recommendations for policymakers, NGO practitioners, and other stakeholders involved in climate change adaptation efforts. We will encourage active participation and engagement from all attendees to make this discussion informative and impactful.

Making sense together

Together with the audience, among other topics, we will explore to what extent the findings of the IOB report are relevant for our organisations. In addition, we could discuss what (further) recommendations we could formulate for the Dutch MFA.

Want to join us to explore how climate resilience and justice can be evaluated and ultimately achieved? Please register by completing the form below.

We hope to have a lively discussion, space for exchanging insights and reflections and time to chat during the drinks and bites!

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