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College Tours

With the College Tours, the branch associations Goede Doelen Nederland and Partos are joining forces to allow communication professionals from both their members to meet and brush up on their professional knowledge. This is done by means of the well-known concept of College Tour in which a high-profile guest with corresponding expertise is invited. Guest speakers first give a mini-lecture with an overview of the latest developments and insights in the communication subject. Questions can then be freely asked from the participants to the expert. 

Earlier, we welcomed professor and communications guru Betteke van Ruler as the chief guest of a College Tour. According to her, the communications professional is a “sensemaker” and she made statements such as, “Throw the communications plan away”. Another guest speaker was “crisis communications expert” Peter ter Horst. Since this event, including Q&A, our communication professionals know how to use dilemma communication to involve your target groups and stakeholders in a crisis and also learn from it.

Throw the communication plan away

After each College Tour, we compile the speakers’ various tips and learning points: