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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Learning Trajectory

Are you eager to learn more about how your organisation can become more inclusive, equitable & diverse? Then join our Learning Trajectory on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion! This trajectory aims to provide a learning space about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the development sector, where organisations can share their challenges, needs, best practices, tools, and methods 

Watch the recording of the DEI Kick-Off event on November 1st here!

Partos embarks on a journey to centralise Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as a key approach to accelerate social justice, decolonization, anti-discriminatory and inclusive transformation in the sector from within. Together with Nina Guillerme from Diverse & Inclusive consulting and an advisory group consisting of DEI advocates working for NGOs or social justice-oriented organisations, Partos co-designed a learning trajectory over the past couple of months. This trajectory is dedicated to DEI advocates and professionals in leadership positions, HR positions, or other departments willing to take concrete steps toward DEI strategies and contribute to a co-learning environment. The front actors of this movement toward DEI are primarily employees who believe and advocate for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice, want to make a change within their organisations, and engage collectively to address that issue seriously 

The DEI Learning Trajectory will contain six modules:
  1. Building DEI Strategies How to build a DEI strategy: from performative commitment to real integration of DEI in the organisation’s strategy.
  2. Diversity Dimensions and IntersectionalityIntroducing different dimensions of diversity, concepts, terminologies, and experiences; giving advice on integrating those dimensions in an intersectional way into DEI strategies.   
  3. Institutional Racism and White Privilege in the Development Sector → Addressing the issue of racism in our organisations, tainted by colonial history and white saviorism. 
  4. Creating a Culture of DEI and the Crucial Role of DEI Communities and Inclusive Leaders → Create safe spaces by and for communities and engage a dialogue between leaders and DEI activists to learn from one another and to find ways to collaborate better with each other toward DEI. 
  5. Measuring and Monitoring DEI → Evidence-driven DEI strategies and DEI metrics: how to measure, monitor, and evaluate progress on DEI 
  6. The Role of HR in DEI The crucial role of HR: an inclusive approach to attract and retain diverse candidates and to ensure safety, well-being and growth 

The Partos Learning trajectory on DEI will take place in 2023 in two phases. The first three modules will be covered from February – May, and the remaining modules from September – December. The content of the modules is tailored together with the participants and will be further developed in the first module. Read more about the trajectory below: 

  • No costs: The learning trajectory is entirely free of charge! 
  • We expect a commitment of 1 day per module (including the meeting time & internal organisational work). 
  • We encourage you to ask your team and management for support and resources to enable you to participate in this course, as we realise that DEI work is often voluntary.  
  • We kindly ask for your active participation in the trajectory. Why? The impact of this trajectory also depends on your participation, commitment, and exchange with other peers.     
  • Only one participant per organisation is allowed to register for the trajectory. Rotation or participation is possible within the different modules and activities.   
  • We aim to make our learning spaces inclusive, equitable, and safe for all. Respect, curiosity, and empathy are key. Disrespectful judgements and discriminatory behaviours are not welcome.  
  • To ensure the quality of learning, we choose to limit the number of participants. As a branch organisation, Partos will prioritise members and their (international) partners.  
  • To ensure equity in participation, we will strive for diversity and representation by reserving spots for people in rightsholder positions. 

Registrations for the trajectory are closed. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact Gigi at