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Managing image and results

Facts and perceptions regarding development cooperation sometimes diverge. Worldwide, progress is being made in various areas, but often the focus is on what is not going well yet. Development organizations also sometimes, for fundraising reasons, show the demand for aid rather than the results. For this reason, the Dutch public may think there is no progress at all, which can be detrimental to support for our work. In order to make sustainable development possible, support is essential.

Therefore, Partos believes it is important that the perception of development cooperation matches reality. To improve this connection, Partos closely follows the political and social debate and feeds it with information, activities, results and stories about development cooperation.

Together with members, we highlight the relevance and impact of development cooperation to politicians, the public and the media in order to strengthen trust in development organizations and their work. Partos therefore works with members and strategic partnerships on impact-oriented work and communication. There are also regular learning sessions on constructive communication about development cooperation towards politics, public and media.

Press briefings and sector-wide communications

In consultation with members, Partos acts as a spokesperson on behalf of the industry in the event of questions or important articles from the press. In other cases, we pull together with members for a joint press approach, for example, in the case of integrity issues. We also work with members to put urgent themes and issues on the agenda with media and the public, as was the case, for example, in the case of the future of migration, to bring a different voice to the public debate. In our communication strategy, we adopt a ‘hope-based’ message and engagement approach.

Toward elections and political high points, we work with the lobby group and coalitions of members on issues such as sustainability, SDGspolicy coherence, inclusion and civic space. The formulation of positions and lobby papers often involves close collaboration between lobbying and communications.

For press officers of our members, we occasionally organize learning sessions and knowledge meetings such as, for example, during the press cafe and the college tours.