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Community of Practice on Inclusive Communication

Despite constant transformation in development cooperation, the work of development organisations is often still seen in traditional terms. That’s why, together with members and partners, we show what development cooperation really stands for today: working together with partners and communities for global, equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. Our communication should consist of the same elements of our shared mission for an inclusive, just and sustainable world. Therefore we believe constructive communication is based on equality between all stakeholders, inclusiveness and co-creative collaboration for social change and sustainable development in a changing world.

The Community of Practice (CoP) on Inclusive Communication

We started a community of practice (CoP) on Inclusive Communication to explore in which ways we can make our communication work more ethical, inclusive and equitable in all senses. Not only through the stories we tell, or the words and images we use, but also in our ways of working with our international partners and communities involved. Learning more about inclusive communication is needed to improve the current language, images and communication working methods. We should avoid one-sided and stereotypical narratives and images of countries, communities and persons. Het Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication is a specialist on this matter and our partner in facilitating this community of practice, in which members and their partners can engage in learning and innovating current communication strategies towards more inclusive and ethical working practices.

CoP Activities

Through various activities with the CoP, members and partners can explore the impact and value of inclusive communications relative to their vision, mission, goals, relations and target audiences, as well as concerning the sector. Various activities will be pursued:

  • Research – what are examples and initiatives on inclusive communications? What can we learn from it?
  • Narrative exploration – to explore the possible updates on the narrative and the discourse, we facilitate the strategic alignment among members & partners on core messages and inclusive guidelines.
  • Learning and Innovation sessions – members and partner organisations gather during strategic learning & Innovation sessions, during which we will collectively brainstorm, share best and worst practices related to inclusive communication on development cooperation and global citizenship. We work with various experts to inform, inspire and catalyse discussions.
  • Guidelines – based on insights gained from the narrative exploration, research and Learning & Innovations sessions, we develop inclusive guidelines for communication.

Join the CoP on Inclusive communication

If you are interested in co-creating discussions and learning sessions on inclusive communications, please contact Sera Koolmees. Together with The Expertise Centre of Humanitarian Communication, Partos will facilitate this Community of Practice. Our intention is to get together once per month and create an online space for sharing and learning. Feel free to join if you are a member, partner organisation or specialist working on this matter.

Send an email to Sera Koolmees (, and you will receive an invitation for upcoming sessions.