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The Civic Space Platform

The Partos Civic Space Platform brings together (Dutch) development and human rights organisations that strive for the protection and extension of civic space. The platform enables its members to share and identify relevant trends and together develop joint actions and new strategies to guard and conquer civic space. 

A global trend of shrinking civic space and a disabling environment for cross border funding is seriously impacting the work of a wide variety of organisations, including community groups, NGO’s, civil society leaders, human rights defenders, funders and donors. Civil society organisations and activists who challenge political and economic elites are jeopardized in their ability to carry out their activities, which affects civil society as a whole. Restrictions have been directed at respected local and international CSO’s, including those working in areas of conflict and poverty, human rights organisations, social change and justice initiatives, environmental and education advocates and independent donors, finding themselves outlawed and vilified. This trend is not confined to low and middle-income countries, as is a phenomenon increasingly common in richer countries around the globe. Shrinking civic space endangers the essential role of all civil society actors regardless of their locality. In order to counter this trend, joint action needs to be undertaken.

In 2017 the Spindle and the Broker launched their first Trends Report: ‘Activism, Artivism and Beyond; Inspiring Initiatives of Civic Power’.

The Platform is initiated and hosted by Partos but is open to all organisations that work to defend and reclaim civic space.