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Can you help test the Power Awareness Tool 2.0?

Partos is looking for organisations to test the Power Awareness Tool 2.0, before the end of September. The first organisations will get free-of-charge facilitation training! 


20 June 2023

The Power Awareness Tool 2.0 (PAT 2.0) is ready for testing. The PAT was developed to help partners to make power relations more visible and, thus, easier to reflect on and change. The first version, the PAT 1.0, was launched by Partos in February 2020. Since then, several Partos members have adopted the PAT in their practice. In 2022 the PAT 1.0 was evaluated. The evaluation examined user experiences of the Power Awareness Tool among Partos members and their Southern partners, mainly in the context of the partnerships that have been established in the framework of the Power of Voices programme. Over 70 users contributed to the evaluation.

The new and improved PAT 2.0

Main conclusion: the PAT 1.0 is doing what it is supposed to do. A large majority of respondents (79%) indicated that the PAT exercise did lead or will lead to follow-up actions to change and improve relations between partners. At the same time, users suggested how the PAT could be improved. Based on this evaluation, the Power  Awareness Tool 2.0 was developed. This 2.0 version, with clear instructions for facilitators, is even simpler to use than the PAT 1.0.

Do you want to test the PAT 2.0?

We are looking for partnerships that can test the tool in a real-life situation before 1 September 2023. In September, we will share experiences and use these to develop the final version of the PAT 2.0 that will be rolled out in October.

Please let us know if your partnership is willing and in a position to contribute to this test. Your partnerships will be acknowledged as one of the co-developers of PAT 2.0. Upon request, Partos will organize a free-of-charge training session for facilitators.

Here you will find the instruction for facilitators and an Excel version of the PAT 2.0. This Excel version can help if you want to facilitate a PAT session online. But also, in a face-to-face workshop, the Excel version can make facilitation easier when it is projected on a screen.

If your partnership is willing to test the PAT 2.0 before September 2023, please contact Heinz Greijn at