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Community-Led Development: An elephant in the room

After the successful sessions on Community-Led Development and Human-Centered Design last year, which were organised in collaboration with Butterfly Works, The Hunger Project and The Movement for Community-Led Development, we are continuing the conversation in 2021.

28 May 2021

The second session of the year focused on co-creating with ’’an elephant in the room’’. During the session, participants explored how to co-create solutions together with end-users and other stakeholders when you have different social norms and values. We explored how to become aware of these differences in social norms and how to create a space where they can be discussed. Next to a presentation, the participants were sharing their own experiences and reviewing and commenting on these challenges. The discussion was diverse and honest thanks to the contributions of the participants!

The session started by setting the scene with a presentation of the experiences of Butterfly Works, using the project examples on the topic of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

After these examples, the participants were challenged to reflect on their own experiences and how they dealt with them. The challenges were captured in a mindmap. In small groups, the participants brainstormed and exchanged based on the insights from the first discussion. Next to that, the groups all came up with solutions and tips whilst working with people or groups with different cultural norms and backgrounds. The solutions and tips have been captured in this manifesto.

This year we will offer six sessions together in total, together with Butterfly Works, The Hunger Project and The Momevement for Community-Led Development, and the proposed topics of the next four sessions are:

  • Session #3: Lock-down Initiated Local Innovation Lab on 17th June
  • Session #4: BYOC Toolbox session (Bring Your Own Challenge which we tackle using the Butterfly Works Toolbox)
  • Session #5: Shift the Power in strategic partnerships with MoFA
  • Session #6: What obstacles are in our way and what can we jointly do to overcome them?