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Uniting Film, Impact, and Activism: The Movies that Matter Festival 2024

Movies that Matter kicked off their film festival today with an air of anticipation and enthusiasm. As we delve into the heart of this cinematic event, showcasing extraordinary movies and organising thought-provoking events like the Meet the Activist gathering, one cannot help but wonder: How can storytelling through film drive meaningful change?

22 March 2024

The importance of storytelling

Impactful narratives engage the audience and inspire action, fostering support and understanding and influencing policy decisions. Therefore, Movies that Matter and Partos explored the importance of storytelling through film in a session. The ability of NGOs to create impact and foster change depends heavily on the power of storytelling. From evoking emotions to raising societal awareness, effective narratives can humanise complex issues. Thus making them relatable to audiences worldwide. The Movies that Matter Festival provides a platform to utilise this storytelling potential, facilitating discussions and encouraging empathy towards the struggles of human rights defenders. Leading up to the festival, Partos spoke with Movies that Matter. Also, Simavi presented the HER Festival which they organise with Cinetree. What lessons can be learned by collaborating with filmmakers, activists and NGOs? Did you miss the session? You can watch it back here.

The film festival

The Movies that Matter Festival 2024 will be held from March 22 to March 30 at Filmhuis Den Haag, Theater aan het Spui and in different spots across the Netherlands. It highlights different themes, including ‘Take on Love,’ ‘Take on Future,’ ‘Take on Freedom,’ and many more, offering diverse perspectives on pressing social issues.

Movies that Matter Industry Days

Moreover, the Movies that Matter Industry Days will feature workshops, panel discussions, pitches of impact plans, and masterclasses on film and human rights. For instance, on Tuesday, March 26, there will be an Industry event titled “Take on Film & Impact,” featuring pitching sessions and one-to-one meetings (confirm your attendance by emailing

Visit the Movies that Matter Festival 2024 as we celebrate the intersection of film, impact, and activism and strive towards a more just and compassionate world.