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Dialogue and Dissent | Knowledge Map

During a five year period (2016-2020), the Strategic Partnerships programme under the umbrella “Dialogue and Dissent” has taken place. In 25 Strategic Partnerships, alliances were built between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil society organisations to strengthen capacities in lobby and advocacy.

Learning & Innovation

Partos finds it important to make the learning that takes place as part of these partnerships accessible to all Partos members. Therefore all activities are open to all Partos members. Non-members that are in the partnerships are also welcome to participate. The objective of the Partos Learning and Innovation Programme 2021-2025 is to support, enhance and mobilize the learning and innovation potential of its members, and their Southern partners, in support of inclusive, locally owned sustainable development.

Core themes

The programme focused on four core themes:

  1. Fighting for gender equality and inclusion
  2. Protecting environmental rights
  3. Empowering communities in local governance
  4. Promoting sustainable and inclusive resource management

Dialogue and Dissent

The Strategic Partnerships as part of “Dialogue and Dissent” came to an end in 2020. However, a new phase of Strategic Partnerships was initiated with the theme “Strengthening Civil Society” which will run from 2021-2025. Throughout the five years of 25 Strategic Partnerships under the umbrella of four themes, many lessons have been learned, knowledge products, tools, methods and instruments have been developed, and challenges have been overcome. This knowledge can deliver immense value to the current and future Strategic Partnerships as well as the field of work as a whole. The new Strategic Partnerships can learn from the past partnerships, build on their knowledge products and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Knowledge Map

This publication provides insights – knowledge products – acquired during the so-called ‘Dialogue and Dissent Strategic Partnerships’ and is a means to an end and marks the beginning of a shared knowledge evolution. The aim of this mapping is to connect existing Knowledge Products to potential knowledge gaps and learning needs in of the current and future Strategic Partnerships for Strengthening Civil Society. Next to that Insights from the current and future Strategic Partnerships will be incorporated, indeed, following cyclic knowledge accumulation. The purpose of this knowledge map is to make knowledge that has been developed as part of the past Strategic Partnerships (2016 – 2020) available to future Strategic Partnerships and the field as a whole. Therefore, the aim of this mapping is to connect existing Knowledge Products to potential knowledge gaps and learning needs.

Knowledge Map