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The Digital Journey

In March 2020, the Digital Journey took off with a first Kick-Off Event: Design Day. A bit different than we planned for, in an online session. 54 participants, representatives from 38 different Partos member organisations, the so-called LinkingPins, met each other for the first time and exchanged in breakout rooms their digital achievements, ambitions, brilliant failures and potential risks. Soon after we scheduled a follow meeting to discover with each other commonalities in the ambitions. In that session, the Linking Pins pitched their ideas for possible Joint Action Groups (JAGs) in an Open Space format to each other during the Pitch Event. At the end of the session 10 JAGs were formed, each working on a topic of shared interest, and each fitting within the goal of the Digital Journey: accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector.

From April 2020 till October 2020

In April the JAGs pitched their ideas to Digital experts interested to further realise the ambitions during a Pitch Event. In total over 70 participants attended this event. The majority of the Digital Experts who attended joined one or more of the JAGs as “Contributor”. In June, a ‘Hackathon’ was organised, where the JAGs worked together with the Contributors and further designed their ideas.

In September, the JAGs came together again on Demo Day. On this day, the different prototypes were tested with the target group: an even broader audience formed by Partos member organisations. Constructive feedback was given, aimed at improving the prototypes, to fit the needs of the target group even better. In October, the organised part of the Digital Journey came to an end, during the Partos Innovation Festival, where each JAG pitched their idea and shared their journeys with the Festival’s audience.

The ‘Evolution’: Looking back and forward

Now that the Digital Journey 2020 has come to an end, we wanted to look back together and learn from all of the different experiences as much as possible, so we decided to organize an ‘Evolution’, to which we invited all of the LinkingPins. We asked for feedback in different categories: (1) goals & impact, (2) lessons learned, and (3) future, and received both spoken and written feedback. Overall the participants were very happy with the way the process was facilitated by The Spindle (the former innovation platform of Partos) and with the new collaborations between organisations that normally don’t work together.

Most challenging was to work on the Joint Actions in the time that was scheduled for it at the beginning of the year. The LinkingPins mentioned that often they had to make a lot of extra time available, which was challenging for them because they had to do it next to all their already challenging and time absorbing projects. Also, they noticed that within the different Joint Action Groups some of the LinkingPins were very active and others only now and then attended an event, but were not able to join the extra in-between events meetings.

The Digital Journey 2020 has come to an end…

However, the end of the organised part of this Digital Journey doesn’t mean the end of the great ideas and collaborations that it has led to. Some JAGs are still working together on their ideas, and are further developing their prototypes to hopefully one day become an actual Digital Innovation that can be used by the Development Sector. If you are interested to know where they stand, below you can find updates of a couple of JAGs:

JAG 2: Create a platform/ marketplace for digital solutions
Here you can find a couple of PDF mock-ups in a presentation form provided by the Contributor: Worth Internet Systems.

The group is now looking for a cooperation partner to realise this platform and further build on a community of NGOs that will become active users of the platform.

JAG 3: Become data-driven organisations
A google sheet for the framework the JAG has developed. The group is now looking for a web developer or web designer who could give shape to the framework in a website.

JAG 7: A Do-it Yourself Online Learning Toolbox
A first design for a possible website. This JAG is calling for anyone working on remote and distance learning solutions to join our initiative and help us ‘re-start’ the work on the ‘do-it-ourselves remote learning toolkit’. E.g. we are looking for colleagues from field locations or who work with colleagues on initiatives such as learning & development, e-learning/distance learning, and remote capacity building. Please get in touch with us and express interest to a) join our working group to further develop our ‘do-it-ourselves remote learning toolkit’ or b) have great remote learning solutions to share with us.