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Hope-based & Inclusive Communication

By putting a strong emphasis on innovative, inclusive, and hope-based communication, Partos and its members and partners can generate more engagement within society around the development goals and increase ethical and inclusive working practices in communication. That’s why the Partos Innovation Hub facilitates learning and co-creation of hope-based and inclusive communication strategies.

Hopeful & inclusive storytelling

When stories about development cooperation make use of constructive and hopeful frames, there appears to be more involvement and support for the work of development organisations and their partners. Victim-frames, stereotypes or doom scenarios are demotivating in the longer term and do not do justice to the people involved and the results achieved.

Hope-based communication

Research shows that a hopeful communication message makes organisations and citizens feel more involved in solving problems and that there is active cooperation in sustainable development. That is why we focus strongly on hope-based communications. A hope-based strategy is needed to create more support for international solidarity and work against power structures that undermine social, fair and sustainable development.

Inclusive communication

We started a community of practice (CoP) on Inclusive Communication to explore in which ways we can make our communication work more ethical, inclusive and just in all senses. Not only through the stories we tell, or the words and images we use, but also in our ways of working with our international partners and communities involved. Learning more about inclusive communication is needed to improve the current language, images and communication working methods.

Values, strategy & activities

Partos stands for sending hopeful & inclusive messages, showing impact & results, and building commitment on an equal base for sustainable development. The strategy focuses on connecting on the basis of universal values, as well as implementing a joint solution-oriented approach to problems. Therefore, we facilitate a process in which members and their partners can learn and develop hope-based, inclusive communication strategies through various activities and (research) labs. Together with members and partners, we can create more awareness, support and engagement in society for inclusive and sustainable development worldwide.