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Partos Innovation Festival 2022

The Partos Innovation Festival unites national and international voices to share innovative ideas, best practices and stories that matter. The festival’s ninth edition focuses on inclusive civic power as a vital force for social change. We’ll meet again for an interactive and uplifting festival, including workshops, keynotes, artists and performances.

This year, you’re able to experience the festival in multiple ways! Join us:

  • On October 6 and 7 for various online pre-events
  • On October 14 for the festival’s main programme at Pakhuis de Zwijger
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Lynn Zebeda

Lynn Zebeda has worked with partners on five continents on reinventing the world. As a frequent public speaker, moderator, and interviewer, Lynn likes to dive deep into the content, raise the bar on impact, and create soulful conversations through which change can occur. She co-founded Dr Monk, an agency that designed interventions to catapult us into a more just, green, and compassionate future. (Image credit: Dear World)

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Inclusive Civic Power

We believe inclusive civic power is essential to overcome the global challenges we face. Civic power enables us to foster collective action and build a more just world – a world in which everyone and every place can reach their full potential. Numerous determined changemakers and organisations are striving for inclusion, justice and equality daily. Together, we create the necessary fuel for action and change.

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Lightning Talk

Chihiro Geuzebroek

Chihiro Geuzebroek is a trainer and speaker on Decolonization, Indigenous Rights, Climate Justice, Climate racism, Art & activism, Rights for Earth, Reparations, and community organizing. Chihiro has worked on climate justice since 2009. She is the Director-Producer of the climate justice documentary RADICAL FRIENDS, the singer-songwriter behind Shell Must Fall and Co-founder of the decolonial foundation Aralez. She enjoys making protest music and poetry and performs regularly. (Image credit: Alex Bleu)

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Lightning Talk

Jeroen van der Most

Digital artist, Jeroen van der Most, creates art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Jeroen’s artworks show a different, positive use of technology that deepens our relationships with our national surroundings. Global media regularly cover Most’s work, exhibited at renowned locations like New Zealand’s national museum Te Papa, Dutch Design Week, and AAF Hong Kong. He created artwork autonomously and developed pieces for organisations like NVIDIA, Radboud University, and Amnesty International.

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Festival closure

Ali Zanad

Dancer Ali Zanad will premiere with a performance specifically created around our festival theme 'Inclusive Civic Power'. Ali aka Dimozi (1994) was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. When he was 13 years old, he moved to the Netherlands. Before coming into contact with dancing, he was a football player and a free runner. He found dance through free running. In 2019 Ali founded his group MENSJA Collective where different artists come together and work interdisciplinary with each other.


October 6, 10.00-11.30 CET Online

RINGO Social Lab

Open popup about RINGO Social Lab
October 6, 13.00-14.30 CET Online

Feminists for Forests

Open popup about Feminists for Forests
October 6, 15.00-16.30 CET Online

Countering toxic narratives about grassroots activists

Open popup about Countering toxic narratives about grassroots activists
7 October, 10.00-11.00 CET Online

Sharing power: the growing trend of co-leadership in global organisations

Open popup about Sharing power: the growing trend of co-leadership in global organisations
7 October, 13.00-14.30 CET Online

Shifting the power dynamic between donors and civil society activists

Open popup about Shifting the power dynamic between donors and civil society activists
7 October, 15.00-16.30 CET Online

Connecting civil society to defend democratic freedoms in the digital era

Open popup about Connecting civil society to defend democratic freedoms in the digital era


Our festival programme is taking shape. Keep an eye on this website; the timetable will be announced when the programme is finished!


Date & Time

14 October 2022

9.00 - 18.30


Piet Heinkade 179

1019 HC, Amsterdam


Please Note

Partos reserves the right to use any photograph or video taken at the Partos Innovation Festival without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph or video. Please contact us if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.

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