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Each year, The Spindle organises awards to stimulate innovative projects that are focused on creating a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable world. This year, we will honour three different Awards: Best Innovation for DevelopmentThe NOthing about us, Without Us! Award and Best Humanitarian Innovation. The best participants of each category will present their initiatives during the Partos Innovation Festival. All of them are in the running for the Award, prize money and undivided attention of the Dutch NGO-sector, potential investors and donors. Recently, The Spindle announced the majority of this year's nominees. We are happy to share that we will receive many international teams at the Festival! Read our latest Award news!


11.10h - 13.15h | Meeting Room 2nd Floor | Innovation Room | At the festival, we have saved a special spot for good ideas and innovations. In the Innovation Room you can find a wide variety of organisations and social enterprises who proudly present their latest innovations to you. Be amazed as Simavi, Liliane Fonds, Cordaid, RNW Media and many more, show you their newest initiatives, their expertise and out-of-the-box thinking which opens up endless possibilities for a positive societal impact. Join the VIP-tour facilitated by Bram Alkema between 11.30 and 12.30h! 

Aidsfonds | Trainers Lab offers an international market place for trainers worldwide to expose and sell their expertise and for local civil society organisations to hire skilled local professionals to strengthen their organisational capacity and improve their SRHR interventions.  Next to networking, trainers and SRHR practitioners can upgrade their skills and knowledge through online learning on Trainers Lab.

Cordaid | To facilitate discussions between communities, public and private stakeholders and other interest groups in urban planning and urban resilience building, Cordaid has developed serious board games. Through these collaboration and planning games, designed to create a safe space and a playful atmosphere, stakeholders involved in a specific urban area are mobilised around a common agenda on the basis of their own interest. 

DCDD | How inclusive is the Dutch development sector for people with disabilities? Come and find out, as we launch the first sector-wide study into the steps that NGOs, companies, academics and the Dutch government have taken for disability inclusion! The Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD) and The Broker welcome you. | helps organisations increase control over organisational processes and her sensitive data by supporting and implementing open-source applications and consultancy about the open-source methodology. helps organisations in a transition to an ethically responsible and sustainable IT. 

Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions | Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions in collaboration with SNV, dive into the field of agriculture, nature, development and disaster preparedness. They present a route planner for migrating livestock farmers in the Sahel that helps them find water and grazing grounds for their herds.  

IRC Wash | Interactive, engaging and free—the WASH Systems Academy makes driving for WASH systems change fun and available to all. Listen to podcasts, watch animations, connect with others in the forums, create your own materials and much more. The main goal being to empower professionals around the world with the knowledge and tools they need to create lasting water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services for all.

Liliane Fonds | Can you hear the bells ringing? This is because 33 million children with disabilities are out of school. Come and test yourself Liliane Fonds’  Welcome to school case- an unique method of youth-led advocacy for inclusion.­

RNWmedia | We use research and social media data mining and listening to produce continuously fresh and tailored online content with our digital communities of young people.

Simavi | With ‘The Perfect Fit: A Smart Entry Point to Reshape Menstrual Health Management in Indonesia’, Simavi, Kopernik and AYO Indonesia are working together on designing and distributing reusable menstrual pads for women in Indonesia, as well as educating local communities about their rights. By using the product as development process, it can serve as an entry point to open up a dialogue about Menstrual Health.

Upinion & Cordaid | Improved health care in Yemen by engagement via messaging app | Yemen is considered to be one of the lowest countries in terms of maternal health status. The lack of careful planning, adequate preparation and care during pregnancy, childbirth and after birth has led to a critical health situation in many areas. To improve maternal health situation, it is important to measure and increase the impact of NGOs family planning programs on awareness-raising and uptake. This is where Upinion and Cordaid have joined hands in enabling local actors to securely engage with their communities.

11.00h - 15.30h | Foyer | Exhibition Market | You can't do it alone. Good partnerships are essential for our sector. That's why we've reserved a special place for partner organisations at the festival. At the exhibition market several organisations will show their innovations, services and products. Wander through the market and be amazed about all the opportunities to learn and to be inspired. Seize the moment to establish new contacts and to network with our partners. 

African Studies Centre | The African Studies Centre Leiden is the only multidisciplinary academic knowledge institute in the Netherlands devoted entirely to the study of Africa. It has an excellent library that is open to the general public. The ASCL is an interfaculty institute of Leiden University.

Aon NGO |  Traditionally, development aid organisations work in the countries with the highest risks. The Aon NGO-team provides support to Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organisations to send off their employees and their families safely and securely. From providing the right travel insurance to complete assignment conditions, from setting up safety protocols to repatriating employees. Aon provides insurance and services that suit the specific risks in different situations. We offer global coverage that also applies in crisis areas. Which allows you to focus on organizing aid.

ATPI | Atpi Corporate Travel is one of the world’s leading brands in corporate travel management. By providing support to travellers, insight to key stakeholders and value to the bottom line in a way that enhances every corporate’s unique culture, we ensure that your organisation gets to where it needs to be and can focus on what it needs to do by handling all travel services in your local market.

Butterfly Works | Butterfly Works is a social design studio working in international development. We're here to create a world in which people have a say in the future they want. With a co-creation and design approach, and building on 20 years of experience, we create education and communication solutions with social impact. We act as the innovation, research, technical and scale-up partner. 

Bright Futures & VodafoneZiggo | VodafoneZiggo, a preferred supplier of Partos, offers complete packages to realize your communication infrastructure; Connectivity, Cloud Productivity and / or Integrated (fixed and mobile) communication options. Bright Futures, a long-term business partner of VodafoneZiggo, specializes in Data, IT & Telecom advice. Bright Futures can help you implement your internet projects and set up and implement your office automation.

Cathay Pacific | Cathay Pacific is the international airline of Hong Kong. Regularly voted Best Airline of the world by Skytrax, the 5-star airline is renowned for the comfort of its cabins, its elegant design and the signature Asian hospitality service offered to its passengers. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of the oneworld alliance.

CIBT | CIBTvisas is the leading global provider of immigration and visa services for corporations and individuals. With thirty years of experience, CIBT is the primary service provider to 75% of Fortune 500 companies. CIBT offers a comprehensive suite of services under two primary brands: Newland Chase, a wholly owned subsidiary focused on global immigration strategy and advisory services for corporations worldwide and CIBTvisas, the market leader for business and other travel visa services for corporate and individual clients.

FieldWorks | Fieldworks is a global trust index for non-profits in low-middle income countries. We believe local non-profits are best placed to resolve the challenges of their communities and contexts. We help build confidence in them to increase their access to the resources and partnerships they need to achieve their missions. Our mission is to build trust in 1 million local non-profits by 2030 to enable sustainable impact for communities living on less than $8/day.

Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy | Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy supports organizations to accelerate their performance and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We support clients around the world to improve and diversify their fundraising through six core services: donor research & strategy, proposal writing, interim management, recruitment, training and impact consultancy.

Livewords | Livewords is about more than just translating and interpreting. Speaking the same language promotes greater understanding. It opens up new cultures, opportunities and options. With the right mix of personal attention and state-of-the-art technology, we’ll make sure you connect with your target audience. We tackle each project with enthusiasm and deliver it with due care and attention, making Livewords your ideal partner. No matter how large, complex or small your request is, it’s our mission to find the right solution for every translation requirement.

OneWorld | Change starts with awareness! For this reason OneWorld commits itself to independent journalism for a fair and sustainable world. Investigative, activating and always constructive. Become a Friend of OneWorld and receive OneWorld Magazine, print and digital (in Dutch). In this way you support stories that matter; from human rights to sustainability. Or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Oxford HR | Oxford HR is a specialist executive search firm dedicated to serving the needs of the for-purpose and not-for-profit sectors in a wide variety of practice areas. We identify and promote the leaders, thinkers and doers that can help our clients make a real difference.

We believe in championing people, and that engaging people with the right talent, skill and passion is critical to the growth and success of any enterprise.

PUM | PUM Netherlands senior experts is a volunteer organisation specialising in the sustainable development of the small and medium-enterprise sector in developing countries and emerging markets in nearly 40 countries across the world. Our experts offer practical knowledge to businesses and deliver a real contribution to growth, employment and improved living conditions. 

The Hague Academy | ‘The Hague Academy is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that specialises in practice-oriented training courses and study-visits for civil servants, local practitioners, and professionals at donor and development organisations. Through training and education programmes, we seek to develop knowledge and skills required to improve local governance and decentralisation in developing and post-conflict societies’.

WUR CDI | Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation part of Wageningen University and research supports value creation by strengthening capacities for sustainable development. As the international expertise and capacity building institute of Wageningen University & Research we bring knowledge into action, with the aim to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. 

ZAM | ZAM is an Amsterdam-based multimedia platform promoting the works of 700+ African creatives and changemakers in the fields of photography, investigative journalism, arts & opinion. Founded in 1997, ZAM is rooted in the Dutch solidarity movements with the struggles against Apartheid and colonialism. In February 2019 ZAM organised the inaugural Amsterdam Nelson Mandela Lecture delivered by South African writer and opinionista Sisonke Msimang. ZAM is inspired by her statement: 'If a story moves you, act upon it.’

13.30h - 15.00h | Grote Zaal | Talks |  Meet some of the top thinkers and doers in the field. There will be four speakers who will give 15 minute talks. Get inspired by the following speakers:

Eliot Higgins | Online open source investigators at Bellingcat have spent the last 5 years investigating a range of cases, from the downing of MH17 in Ukraine with a Russian Buk missile launcher, to the conflict in Yemen. Bellingcat's founder Eliot Higgins takes a look at how the work of Bellingcat and online opensource investigation is now being used for justice and accountability, and what it means for the future of both Bellingcat's work, and future justice and accountability efforts.

Tamara StreeflandAre you interested in the drastic transformation of cities? Join this inspiring talk in which Tamara Streefland speaks about the topic cities and metabolism. You will explore how Metabolic’s inclusive, bottom-up approach, applied from De Ceuvel in Amsterdam to Charlotte in the United States, can deliver a circular economy that is not only waste-free and regenerative by design, but that addresses inequality and creates jobs.

Hamzat Lawal |  In his inspiring talk, Hamzat Lawal will elaborate on bringing a human face to illicit financial flow (corruption), effects of climate change in Sub-Sahara Africa, and addresses how we are mobilising for actions while telling compelling stories showing little progress using data and technology tools. 

Femke Groothuis | With the SDGs on our todo list, tax reform should be a major priority. UN Secretary-General António Guterres advocates that we should tax pollution, not people. Research by The Ex’tax Project demonstrates how such tax reform - putting a price on pollution and using the revenues for social impact - could benefit low- and high-income countries. In her talk, Femke will share how tax can be a force for good.

12.30h - 13.30h | Expo 1st Floor | Speeddates | In between the sessions and workshops you will have the opportunity to talk to experts in various fields to get specific information or broaden your knowledge. They are happy to answer any question you might have for them, so fire away! You can also get in contact with other festival attendees who share your interests, so take the opportunity to expand your network. The experts at the speeddate are:

Judith Matthee & Robert Okhuysen | Experts on sustainable travel | Judith Matthee, account manager, and Robert Okhuysen, sales manager and sustainability expert, work at ATPI Corporate Travel, a preferred travel partner of Partos. ATPI highly values sustainability and is, therefore, ISO certified. ATPI sees it as their responsibility to provide their clients with solutions for issues related to sustainable entrepreneurship, international travel and the compensation of CO2 emissions. ATPI  works in agreement with the Climate Neutral Group (CNG), to compensate the CO2 emissions of journeys by plane, car, train and hotels.

Yolanda Weldring | Expert on Human Resource Management & Diversity | Yolanda has over 30 years of experience in Human Resources Management, 18 years of which in International Development. She was International Director Oxfam Novib, Regional Director East and Southern Africa Save the Children UK, and member of senior groups within Oxfam and Save the Children International. Before joining Oxford HR, Yolanda carried out interim-director and management roles in Africa and Asia, and she has experience at Trustee-level and as Advisor to Boards. Yolanda is committed to finding capable and high-performing candidates for jobs in international organisations and networks, as this contributes to the strong delivery of programmes and quality policy development by the organisations, which helps to reduce disparity in the world.

Heinz Greijn | Expert on efficiency | Heinz  Greijn is consultant, project manager and evaluator with working experience in a large number of countries, mainly in Africa. As a consultant he facilitated several collective learning processes for Partos. One of these was the Efficiency Lab, which resulted in a publication analysing the efficiency of development interventions. What was found out in the Lab is, that analysing efficiency serves many more purposes than only accountability. By systematically posing the efficiency question at crucial moments in the project and programme cycle. Efficiency analysis could be one of the main drivers of innovation in development cooperation. Let’s do it!

Renée Beune |  Expert on Inclusive Rural Development | Renée has a background in cultural anthropology and development sociology. She is interested in power relations between diverse people and organisations and how those are often not acknowledged or considered. Currently, she works at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and helps large agricultural projects in developing countries to become more inclusive (of poor farmers, women, young people) by giving training and guiding research.

Gitte Büch | Gitte Büch is founder and director of 100WEEKS. 100WEEKS is a direct-giving platform that connects people in the Netherlands to women living in poverty in developing countries. Participating women receive 8 euros in cash every Monday and are invited to join a training program that develops both their entrepreneurial and life skills, offering advice on nutrition, hygiene and family planning. After 100 weeks, when both training and payments come to an end, the women are able to fend for themselves. International research has shown again and again that direct cash transfers help people become -and remain- socially and financially independent. At 100WEEKS, our experience has been no different.

Han Valk | Expert on funding | Han Valk is director and senior consultant at Han Valk – Fundraising Consultancy. Han is dedicated to support social purpose organizations by offering practical, tailor-made and flexible solutions on all fundraising levels, the way he would have liked to be supported when he was head fundraising himself for about ten years. Rather than providing broad concepts, his tools and advice can be implemented directly in your organization.

Sylvia Borren | Expert on civil society & government structures | Sylvia Borren is a Senior Adviser for G&I. Amongst her many previous roles, Sylvia was director of Greenpeace Netherlands from 2011 to 2016 and director of Oxfam Novib from 1994 to 2008. In addition to her work with G&I, Sylvia is the Vice-Chair of BRAC International, and is engaged in several other boards and advisory committees. Sylvia has extensive experience working in civil society, and expert knowledge of management and government structures.

All day | Online | Network App | The festival is a great place to meet like-minded people, but it can be daunting and awkward to step up to others out of the blue. With the network app you can find other visitors easily, chat with them and set up a meeting at the meeting point at the festival. The app has a digital version of the programme and enables you to post request or offering you expertise to other guests. Download the app and register within 2 minutes: iPhone, android, online. Enter the festival code: All Inclusive to access the network. Click here if you need help with your activation.

9.00h - 18.00h | Grote Zaal | Visual Exposition 

  • "Unequal Scenes"| With the series “Unequal Scenes”, Johnny Miller – a documentary photographer based in South Africa – aims at laying bare the hidden inequalities within our social and urban fabrics. Using drones and looking straight down from a height, a new vantage point is reached which surmounts the visual, structural barriers that normally prevent us from seeing the incredible contrasts that exist side by side in our cities – and incredible scenes of inequality. 
  • The Golden Line exhibition | The Golden Line exhibition, with photos by Merel van den Enden, Elsa Scholte and Isaac Eshun, consists of portraits of women from the gold mining communities in Ghana and Tanzania where Simavi, Solidaridad and Healthy Entrepreneurs are running the Golden Line programme. This photo series aims to give a voice to and show the potential of the thousands of women working in artisanal small-scale gold mines. They share their hopes and dreams for the future with us and give us a glimpse of their lives as female miners. 
  • 'A Place to Call Their Own' | Brussels-based Raymond Dakoua is passionate about all things human. His multi-faceted work stretches many borders, both geographically and socially. He uses his camera to show everyday stories and to reveal the beauty of the ordinary and the intimate in all its forms, in all its dimensions. As journalist Ntombenhle Shezi Daouda (Sunday Times, South Africa) states: “The best way to tell stories without being seen is to be a photographer.” In the series 'A Place to Call Their Own', Dakoua looks at LGBTI life in Mozambique and the Ivory Coast, two countries that have recently decriminalised homosexuality. The series was shot in Abidjan and Maputo in 2015 - 2016 and is featured by ZAM

All-day | 2nd Floor | ***All Inclusive Experience*** | What are your personal experiences with inclusion and exclusion? Have you ever felt left behind or privileged, or do you think that you might have excluded someone? Inclusion is the theme of the innovation festival this year. The ladies of 'de infobalie' are here to give you that all inclusive feeling. This years Innovation festival will not only make you think about inclusion, it will be a heartfelt experience. 

Closure of the day Grote Zaal | Dabke dance to inclusion | Dreaming of Syria Foundation was founded by a group of Dutch and Syrian volunteers who decided in 2016 that it was time to show a different side of Syria. They started setting up small-scale festivals and storytelling events, and now the 'Dabke Nights' nights out are a well-known concept in the Netherlands. Dabke is a traditional folk dance from the Middle East (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria) that is danced during festive occasions. The beauty of this dance is that it is a social dance, because you never dance alone, always hand in hand with others. And it doesn't matter who is next to you, you take each other's hands and follow the group. With the Dabke Nights, the Foundation wants to bring real diversity into the nightlife, in the audience and on stage. The social character of the evenings makes everyone feel welcome, even people who normally go to a pop stage less quickly.