Speakers & facilitators


Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands | Keynote Speaker | Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands is social entrepreneur, writer, strategist and dialogue facilitator. Her work revolves around social innovation and intergenerational dialogue on  sustainability as well as socio-economic issues. She is a passionate advocate of systemic change through human-designed solutions and emancipation of ‘unexpected experts’. In 2009, she founded Missing Chapter Foundation, which facilitates dialogue between children and leaders, engages in advocacy about the practical implementation of Art. 12 of the UN Convention of the Right of the Child. In 2017 she founded Number 5 Foundation, whose mission is connecting for impact on complex societal issues. Princess Laurentien holds a range of honorary functions in the fields of literacy, European culture and conservation. She wrote several (children’s) books, including the Mr Finney-series. She and her husband Prince Constantijn have three children (17, 15, 13).

During the Partos Innovation Festival princess Laurentien will talk with the NOW-Us! participants about inclusion. She believes in the power of true dialogue, which starts with sharing dilemma’s, listening to different perspectives and sincerely searching for new insights and mutual understanding. By truly connecting, we break out of our silos and find opportunities and what princess Laurentien calls ‘human-designed solutions’ as a basis for a more inclusive and just world.

Yetnebersh Nigussie | Keynote Speaker | Yetnebersh Nigussie is a 37-year-old Ethiopian lawyer and an outstanding advocate for disability inclusion and gender equality. Her ambition is to create inclusive conditions for future generations in low-income countries and beyond, by connecting local realities with political systems and international frameworks. She co-founded and headed the Ethiopian Centre for Disability and Development (ECDD) which today is a driving force behind creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Yetnebersh’s objective in life is to demonstrate to society the strength and capabilities of persons with disabilities. She works to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia and globally by working for systemic change, an inclusive society and equal rights for all.

As a Keynote Speaker Yetnebersh will be speaking about the roles that different stakeholders (e.g. governments, business owners, knowledge institutions and civil society actors) need to play in order to make inclusion a reality – and how to ensure that the voices that have been marginalised until now will be heard and will play a key role in shaping new development strategies.  

Nidhi Goyal | Keynote Speaker | Nidhi Goyal is working at the intersection of disability and gender, she is committed to changing the lives of women and girls with disabilities. Nidhi’s work spans research, writing, training, campaigns, advocacy, and art. She is the Sexuality and Disability Program Director at the non-profit Point of View where she has researched and co-authored a pioneering online initiative - a comprehensive online resource on disability, gender, sexuality and violence. Extending the reach of this platform, Nidhi designs and delivers accessible trainings across India and across impairments. Furthermore, she is a researcher for Human Rights Watch and serves as regular faculty at CREA Institutes on sexuality, gender and rights. Finally, she is a standup comic artist who uses humour to challenge prevalent notions around disability, gender and sexuality, and has performed in three countries within six months of her debut.

Eliot Higgins | Speaker | Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat, and has investigated a range of topics using open source investigation from chemical weapons in Syria to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Eastern Ukraine. Higgins has recently presented a 6 part podcast series on the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and is currently working on an upcoming book on his work and the work of Bellingcat. Bellingcat's founder Eliot Higgins gives an inspiring talk about how the work of Bellingcat and online opensource investigation is now being used for justice and accountability, and what it means for the future of both Bellingcat's work, and future justice and accountability efforts.

Hamzat Lawal | Speaker | Hamzat Lawal  (Hamzy) is an activist who has successfully led grassroots campaigns in over forty African countries and specializes in practical issues associated with climate change, open data, advocacy campaigns and development policies as it affects rural and deprived grassroots communities. He is currently the Chief Executive of Connected Development (CODE). Hamzy is also the Founder of Follow The Money, a Pan-African grassroots data-driven movement and leads a team of technology & innovation driven campaigners to amplify voices of marginalised communities. Recently he won the ‘mobiliser’ award at the SDG action awards. Hamzy wants to empower marginalised communities in Africa with his organisation and provide vulnerable communities with information and open data that ushers social and economic progress, transparency & accountability.

Hamzat will give an inspiring talk in the Grote Zaal, and will act as panel member at the System Change through an inclusive approach “Trickle up”.

Tamara Streefland | Speaker | Tamara Streefland, the cities lead at consultancy and thinktank Metabolic, is a sustainability consultant working to tackle the major urban challenges facing the world. Her projects entail the design of viable and inclusive interventions at the interface of social and natural resilience. She has been involved in a wide range of projects regarding sustainable cities, with a focus on topics such as water ecologies, the freight sector, waste systems, and renewable energy, in urban centers including Amsterdam and New York City. Her background as an earth scientist allows her to integrate knowledge on scientific processes that underlie the ecological impacts with creative solutions that engage novel technologies and are sensitive to social issues.

During the festival Tamara will give an inspiring talk about an innovative system thinking to realise a sustainable future. 

Femke Groothuis | Speaker | Femke Groothuis is co-founder and president of The Ex’tax Project, a think tank focused on fiscal innovations to boost the SDGs and the circular economy. Ex’tax researches the potential to shift the tax burden from labour (work) towards the use of natural resources (such as water, fossil fuels, and carbon emissions). Between 1999 and 2009 Femke was Investment Manager at Ex’tent Green Venture Capital, a pioneering impact investment fund. At the festival Femke will give an inspiring talk about the necesary tax reforms. 





Thomas Coombes | Speaker | Thomas Coombes is a global communications strategist who aims to make a difference by changing people’s minds. He has developed an approach called Hope-Based Communications to help NGOs respond to framing challenges and develop new narratives for the human rights movement that win debates and change attitudes. This approach to cause communications focuses on solutions, values and empathy. At the festival he both speaks about his communication approach and facilitates a workshop on creative commons for future goals.

Arjan van Timmeren | Workshop facilitator & Speaker | prof. dr. ir. Arjan van Timmeren is full professor at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department of Urbanism, chair ‘Environmental Technology & Design’. Over the years his work has focused on the integration of the concept of sustainable development in the field of architecture, urbanism and building technology in both practice and academia, with lately emphasis on Smart cities, citizens, Urban Metabolism (Green-Blue systems) and Circular Economy. Please check ‘Ubikquity and the Illuminated City’ regarding his view on urban intelligence and his latest book ‘Under Pressure: Water and the City’ regarding the specific theme of water.

Arjan will facilitate the session The future in cities which treats the major challenges and opportunities in urban development, reflected through the life experience of slum dwellers.

Joseph Muturi | Speaker | Joseph Muturi is a social activist and leader of Muungano Wa Wanavijiji, the national federation of slum dwellers in Kenya. Muungano is the largest social movement in Kenya, which for 20 years has campaigned against forced evictions and in support of secure tenure and improved services for poor communities in Kenya, as well as with other federations in East and West Africa. Muturi has been extensively involved in government and city-led projects that affect urban poor communities in Kenya, working with donor agencies and academia to help build strong relationships between such programmes and the residents for which they are intended. Muturi has for many years worked to assist communities to build consensus on strategy, budgeting, planning, and actual implementation of projects. He sits on SDI’s international management committee and council, and is part of SDI’s global advocacy team. 

During the festival Joseph will give a talk at the session The Future in Cities.

Ebunoluwa Jacob | Speaker  Ebunoluwa Jacob is a youth member of the Nigerian Slum / Informal Settlement Federation in Lagos. She is an active Community Health Educator working to improve health awareness within Federation communities and aiding their efforts to overcome barriers to accessing health services. Ebun is also the Secretary of the Federation's policy advocacy team leading advocacy for more inclusive cities and an active member of the profiling team that aims to put slum communities on the map. She is fluent in Yoruba and English. At the festival Ebun will speak on behalf of Slum Dwellers International in the session Future of Cities.

Rogier Kamer | Speaker | Rogier Kamer is a data consultant with a specialisation in data literacy, data quality and KPI’s in data fundament. Most of his time he helps companies implementing a way of working in order to structure their complex data processes. This helps to clarify the need for information within the organisation and identify key responsibilities within departments. In his experience at multiple corporate organisations, those who have the documentation and processes in place, have an advantage to those lacking this information. In his presentation, he will show examples of data interpretation and easy steps to start in your organisation.

Rogier is speaker at the Digital in Motion session. 

Anand Sheombar | Speaker & Facilitator | Anand Sheombar is a facilitator, educator of business & IT alignment and research methods at business schools in Utrecht, Cork and Paris, consultant and researcher. He facilitates and researches projects related to digital technologies and services at non-profit organisations, in healthcare, government and (higher) education. His PhD research at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, involves social media use by Northern development NGOs.

During the festival, Anand Sheombar will facilitate and speak in the Digital in Motion session providing an overview of digital technologies, examples in development but also critically reflecting on developmental merits and issues when using digital technologies in development.

Sandra Pellegrom | Speaker | Sandra Pellegrom is the new National SDG Coordinator. Sandra has worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs at several divisions and embassies. Her most recent position was at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations in New York. When she started this job 4 years ago, the Sustainable Development Goals were about to be adopted by the UN. Working on development and human rights with the UN over the past years, Sandra continued to be struck by the power and meaning of the SDGs both as individual goals and as a package for a better future. In the Netherlands, actors from many different sectors came together early on to start SDG-implementation. As National SDG-Coordinator her goal will be to continue to grow this enthusiasm, to broaden knowledge of the SDGs and to support all stakeholders in concrete implementation of this agenda for all.

Sandra speaks in the session "Going Dutch" SDG coordination in the Netherlands: blocker or enabler for sustainable development

Ingeborg Niestroy |  Speaker | Ingeborg Niestroy is senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, working on 'a geography of sustainability governance' and with the 'Science Platform Sustainability 2030'. She has longstanding experience in the multi-sector, - level and –actor arenas of sustainable development, at EU level, in European and international cooperations, most notably as director of EEAC, the European network of advisory councils for environmental policy and sustainable development, in the civil society alliance SDG Watch Europe and the European Commission's multi-stakeholder platform on Agenda 2030. She has (co-)authored, lead and collaborated in a number of studies on governance for sustainable development, including the recent study of the European Parliament on SDG implementation in all EU member states. Ingeborg is geographer and received a PhD in planning from the TU Berlin, on decision-making processes with strategic environmental assessment. 

Ingeborg speaks during the morning session "Going Dutch" SDG coordination in the Netherlands: blocker or enabler for sustainable development

Annika Lindblom | Speaker | Annika Lindblom works as Secretary General of the National Commission on Sustainable Development, which is a multi-stakeholder partnership forum led by the Prime Minister. In that position, she leads the coordination of the national implementation of the 2030 Agenda in close cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office and takes operational responsibility for the work of the National Commission. Ms. Lindblom also works as Head of Unit for International and EU Affairs in the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, encompassing environmental issues ranging from global and EU affairs to Arctic, Nordic and other neighbourhood cooperation. She is a political scientist by education.

Annika speaks in the session "Going Dutch" SDG coordination in the Netherlands: blocker or enabler for sustainable development?

Rozemarijn Balemans | Speaker | Rozemarijn Balemans is youth lobbyist at the Girls Right Watch at Plan Nederland. The Plan Girls Rights Watch is an enthusiastic group of 17 young people, between the age of 18 and 26 years, aiming to influence Dutch policy. They keep in touch with Dutch political organisations, the youth representatives of the United Nations and UNESCO. The youth lobbyists draw attention to their cause by doing research, public lobbying, creating media attention and organising events and network meetings. The 11th of October is marked as International Day of the Girl, at the Innovation Festival we will pay attention to this day during the plenary session by speaking with Rozemarijn about the Girls Right Watch.

Rozemarijn will be interviewed during the afternoon plenary session. 

Panel members

Marieke van der Velden | Panel Member | Marieke van der Velden is a Dutch photographer who has - next to her commercial assignments - travelled all over the world in the past 20 years. More than 45 times NGO’s assigned her to capture their stories, next to that she has also started self initiated projects since 2011. With projects like ‘Baghdad Today’, ‘A monday in Kabul’, ‘Nederland O Nederland’, and the film ’The island of all together’ she tries to put the daily news in a wider perspective for the viewer. Her projects have been published and broadcasted worldwide.

During the festival, Marieke van der Velden is speaker during the workshop Inclusive storytelling.

Eddie Krooneman | Panel member | Eddie Krooneman works as political adviser and project leader for Woord en Daad. Woord en Daad is motivated by the Christian perspective of justice and compassion to contribute to a dignified existence for every individual. To that end, the organisation connects people, communities, schools & educational centers, entrepreneurs, and NGO’s worldwide. Eddie has studied International Development studies and Applied Communication Sciences at Wageningen University & Research, and has graduated on the issue of land tenure conflicts and local governance in Northern Uganda. In his work, Eddie focuses mainly on the themes of aid and trade, migration, youth employment and policy coherence for development.


Eddie will act as panel member at the System Change through an inclusive approach “Trickle up”.



Anika Altaf | Panel member | Dr. Anika Altaf is an academic scholar on development interventions. She completed her Masters degree in International Development Studies at the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards, she conducted fieldwork and research in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Pakistan and became member of the PADev research team. She has over a decade of experience in the field of international development with a strong focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and South-Asia. Her area of expertise is inclusive development and human wellbeing, specifically of the most marginalised people. She has ample experience in conducting participatory research and working with local communities. Her research aims to discover how extremely poor people can benefit on a long-term basis from such actions. In addition, she is attempting to find out who the ultra poor are and the struggles they face. Currently, she works as a knowledge broker for knowledge institute The Broker.


At the Partos Innovation Festival Anika participates in an interactive panel session System Change through an inclusive approach “Trickle up”

Ivan Mikulić | Panel member | Ivan Mikulić, winner of the Golden Radiator in 2013, specializes in concept development for both TV and internet, as well as producing and directing. Nowadays he is active as a visual content consultant and account executive for MakmendeMedia: a media production agency with a global reach. Their aim is to help brands and organisations raise awareness on current issues through social impact stories using locally produced content and spreading this on a global scale. Makmende designs (online) media strategies and creates concepts that help their partners to enlarge their social impact.

Ivan is one of the panel members in the session on inclusive storytelling.


Marina Diboma | Host | Marina Diboma is Deputy Managing Director of NABC and we are happy to welcome her again as the host and facilitator of our festival this year! Born and raised in Cameroon, Marina is a graduate from the University of Amsterdam with degrees in Communication Science and Business Studies. She has proven experience in establishing and strengthening both South-South and South-North cooperation through trade, investment, and development. Marina has a passion for building bridges between people and organisations and vice versa. Within the framework of her professional activities, Marina has already led more than 30 business missions to/from the African continent.

Yolanda Jansen | Workshop facilitator | Yolanda Jansen is a workshop facilitator, team coach and fundraising veteran. In 2018, she founded SilverMango to help teams to better communicate and collaborate to reach peak performance. With over 25 years of experience in the philanthropic sector, she has international expertise in grant-making and programme management and has helped raised over 10 million euro for social change and artistic causes. Yolanda has a passion for social innovation, technology and storytelling. She currently serves on the boards of Chapel & York Netherlands and The Giving Circle of Amsterdam. Yolanda is also an alumnus of THNK and the Spindle Summerlabs 2017.

At the Partos Innovation Festival Yolanda will facilitate the workshop on inclusive storytelling

Arno Schans | Facilitator | Arno was Director Human Resources and Organisational Development at War Child. During his career as HRM-professional, he has obtained a lot of experience with integrity issues in international contexts. In 2019 he started working for Partos as project leader Integrity. He was responsible for the implementation of an Integrity System at Partos, which can be found in the Integrity Guide. In cooperation with Partos’ members, he has been developing training methods for the strengthening of the integrity within organisations. With his experience as a trained mediator and group facilitator, he is able to guide discussions, include and give space to the wisdom of all participants. 

At the festival, Arno will facilitate the Moral delibaration & Integrity workshop. 

Elien Rogaar | Workshop facilitator | Elien Rogaar is an experienced process facilitator dedicated to help foster dialogue and build regenerative organisations and societies. She designs and facilitates processes for social innovation, visions development and sustainable change in complex issues, like debt relief, housing and guidance of undocumented migrants in Amsterdam and energy transition. She designs and gives training courses on leadership development, navigating in complexity and the art of facilitation. Her approach is future-oriented with special attention for ‘the system’. Elien works with various organisations in the private as well as the public sector, with NGOs in developing countries and with knowledge institutes. 

During the festival Elien Rogaar will facilitate the workshop Transforming towards a future we want, together with Han Verhoeven.

Han Verhoeven | Workshop facilitator | Han Verhoeven is a seasoned facilitator, trainer and coach and uses strength-based and creative approaches to make learning both fun and inspirational. She facilitates complex processes related to social issues in which multi-stakeholders find common ground for action. Han designs and implements many training programmes, among others on Appreciative Inquiry, Deep Democracy, Facilitation, Brain-based learning and Neuro-leadership. She works with a broad range of organisations mainly in the public sector and with NGOs, both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Han Verhoeven will facilitate the Transforming towards a future we want session on creating the future we want.

Ieke van Lammeren | Workshop facilitator | Ieke van Lammeren is a youth advocate and disability inclusion proponent. She coordinates the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD) and facilitates advocacy for people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries to find a common framework for action.

During the Innovation Festival, Ieke will facilitate the ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ in Action session on Target-group led advocacy, together with Géke Appeldoorn from the Liliane Foundation.

Géke Appeldoorn | Workshop facilitator | Géke Appeldoorn is an advocacy advisor and trainer in the field of rights of children and youth with a disability in society in general, and more specifically in education, health and employment sectors for partner organisations of the Liliane Foundation. She participates in the Breaking down Barriers group on the research on best advocacy practices and she developed and implements a blended learning trajectory on advocacy for disability rights. The concept of intersectionality is increasingly taken into account: the Voices for Inclusion project implemented by the Liliane Foundation being an interesting learning experience on intersectional advocacy. Géke encourages full participation of Disability Peoples Organisations and their leaders in advocacy, with a bottom-up approach for more social accountability.

Géke will facilitate the workshop Target Group-led advocacy, together with Ieke van Lammeren. 

Nelleke van der Vleuten | Workshop facilitator | Nelleke van der Vleuten is an expert on NGOs, Inclusive Business and  Endeva associate. Endeva is a German thought leader on inclusive business innovations. During the Innovation Festival, Nelleke will lead the workshop on NGOs and Company Partnerships for  Inclusive Business. The Spindle  & Partos supported the publication of a practical guide aimed at NGOs.

Bram Alkema | Facilitator | Bram Alkema is an independent policy advisor and communication specialist on the construction of innovative marketing strategies. With his creative, unorthodox and sometimes controversial approach he inspires his audiences to look beyond the limits of their own business models. Besides this, he is teacher in new media strategy at various business schools & universities where he specializes in digital marketing strategies. He is member of the Spindle Inspiration Swarm.


At the festival, Bram will facilitate the VIP-tour in the Innovation Room where innovations within international development work are presented by Partos members.

Sever Džigurski | Facilitator | Sever is facilitator, trainer, consultant, coach and dreamer with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, groups, organisations and institutions. He has been committed to design, leadership and developmental community work, sociology, communication and public policy. He’s also trained for business and life coaching, emotional exploration and process facilitation. Sever supports people to unleash their potentials and thrive, to be reflective and creative, to be true to themselves and the ideas they stand for, to (re)discover joy, to be happy. Working with the likes of Unicef, Council of Europe, Government of Serbia, USAID and Mondelez International, Sever helped set goals and plans, develop policies, monitor and evaluate; ensuring that learning happens throughout the process.


At the Festival Sever facilitates the Time for Self workshop.

Evelien van Egmond | Facilitator | Evelien van Egmond works in the strategy, knowledge, innovation and learning team of Hivos. Hivos is an international non-profit organization with humanist roots. The main mission of Hivos is to create space for individuals to freely express themselves and take ownership in shaping the future they want to live in. Within Hivos, Evelien helps staff develop and test new projects ideas. She also co-develops learning processes and events to improve project implementation. Evelien loves to organize meaningful moments for people to connect, enjoy and learn.

Together with Sever Dzigurski, Evelien facilitates the session Time for Self. 

Koos Roseboom | Facilitator | "You can learn to reflect!" This motto inspired Koos Roseboom to start Morals at Work. Morals at Work's objective is the strengthening of integrity within organisations. It offers special games, training and coaching to promote an inclusive and integer workspace. Koos argues that a lack of reflection and self-awareness has great consequences for communities and society. This becomes visible in the many reports of fraud and exclusion. Apparently existing tools do not suffice to prevent violations of integrity and exclusion. Therefore, Morals at Work developed various special playing and training forms for organisations.


Koos will play one of these games with you during the morning session at the festival; the Integrity Game.



Bart Romijn | Facilitator | Bart Romijn has since 2014 been Director of Partos. Bart's thrust is the emergence and mobilisation of citizens and civil society organisations for sustainable, inclusive development worldwide. After completing his studies in Wageningen, Bart worked at Greenpeace and the European Parliament in the early 1980s. After that, he founded the non-profit consultancy 'Aidenvironment', a social enterprise where he worked 15 years. Afterwards, he was 10 years director of Warner Strategy & Fundraising from which he supported over 100 civil society organisations and initiatives in their strategic positioning, organisation enhancement and revenue generation.


Bart will facilitate the session of  System Change through an inclusive approach “Trickle up”.

ErnstJan Stroes | Facilitator | ErnstJan is programme manager of “Frame, Voice, Report” at Wilde Ganzen, a European programme aimed at engaging the general public in actions to realise the SDGs. Frame, Voice, Report works through sub-granting of experimental communication actions of small NGOs on migration, gender and the climate crisis. ErnstJan was educated as an environmental engineer and has experience with communication aimed at enhancing environmental friendly behaviour.

ErnstJan facilitates the session Communicate to Act!

Cédric Ceulemans | Facilitator | As a learning experience designer, Cédric coordinates educational and communication projects from their early research phase to their handover to partners. Thanks to his experience in both international development and design, he offers a keen eye on the access and assimilation of information, making it both dynamic and relevant to local expectations.

Cédric facilitates the NOW-Us! session.

Thais Costa | Facilitator | Thais is a learning experience designer with expertise in co-creation.  By co-creating with stakeholders, every solution is based on shared values and people's needs. This results in solutions with a wider social impact. Within projects and workshops, she seeks to create safe environments of which others can feel comfortable to share, learn and create together. 

Thais and Cédric facilitate the session NOW-Us!

Marion Latour | Facilitator | Marion Latour is a facilitator, trainer and coach at the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. She combines her own systemic awareness and knowledge with the systemic knowledge and wisdom of horses. In addition, she has 19 years of experience in various strategic and tactical leadership positions in the public safety domain and combines leadership with systemic knowledge and insights. As a facilitator of constellations she looks with you through a constellation at the underlying dynamics and patterns, so that you gain insight into what is going on in the undercurrent. Or perhaps get a new perspective on what is needed to continue.


At the festival Marion will facilitate the Inclusive Civil Society Partnerships

Elena Mejía | Facilitator | Elena Mejía is an amazing young Peruvian activist from Lima, a rap artist and leader of a large informal youth movement, Foro Juvenil de Izquierda. Together with others, she initiated La Escuela de la Protesta a la Propuesta (The School: from Protest to Proposal).  She has a lot of experiences in working together with lager INGOs and international networks and a clear view on how to build equitable partnerships within international civil society.

Elena Mejía facilitates the session Inclusive Civil Society Partnerships