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HUBOT | The robots are coming! Oh yes, this year Partos and HUBOT joined forces to entice visitors with a provocative and appealing exhibition. HUBOT is a ‘job agency for people and robots’. By introducing the visitors to various future professions, the agency shows that instead of working against each other, humans and robots can work together for a better future.
At the festival, we introduce you to professions such as the ‘Exoskeleton Mover’. With this job you wear a motorized exoskeleton suits that gives you the muscular power of a gorilla. The suits contains an indestructible frame, powered by a system of electric motors to support your movements without straining the body. Or what about the ‘Farm Director’ who works in a gamified environment and plants and harvest crops with the help of a console? And with that, also controls his/her drone and tractor!
Sounds a bit strange to your ears? You might think ‘how is this idea related to innovation in international development?’. Well if you think about it, these futuristic jobs imply all kinds of technologies that may become valuable to and applicable for our own work. For example, lots of materials have become stronger and lighter. Besides, the techniques concerning 3D-printing evolve rapidly. So, imagine that an exoskeleton would become printable for children who became a victim of landmines. Or that you can use the sensors, drones and satellite images of the Farm Director for climate-smart agriculture.
This exhibition draws positive attention to the opportunities that technological advancement can bring. That’s why we invite you to this special feature at our festival this year. Brainstorm about the new possibilities and applications these technologies could bring together with members of our Spindle Inspiration SwarmDiderik van WingerdenCasper Koomen, Judith Flick and Bram Alkema will be there to talk, share thoughts and take ideas to a next level!

HUBOT is initiated by Next Nature Network, Start Foundation and Gemeente Eindhoven.

Mezrab | Mezrab is a cultural center in Amsterdam where storytelling, art, dance, theater, music and lots more is being staged. It is a place where different cultures meet and everyone can tell their story. Founded in 2004 by Sahand Sahebdivani, Mezrab started out with small gatherings. Now it has grown into an artistic hub and one of the most important stages of storytelling in the world. After having been awarded the title of ‘Storyteller of the Year’ in 2014, Sahand also started the Mezrab Storytelling School, where he and his colleagues offer both basic and more in-depth courses. After last years’ success, we are proud to announce that Mezrab will be featuring at the Partos Innovation Festival once more coming October. They will provide us with beautiful, strong, innovative, touching and inspiring stories from all over the world. Join the session to get a taste of the storytelling spirit and become inspired to craft your own story!

The Awards | Each year The Spindle takes up the challenge to put innovations from all over the world into the limelight at the Partos Innovation Festival. As the innovation platform of Partos, the Spindle promotes initiatives that are focused on creating a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable world. This year four awards will be honoured: Best Innovation for DevelopmentBest Humanitarian InnovationThe Nothing about Us Without Us AwardBest Idea for Development.

The best participants of each category will present their initiative during the Partos Innovation Festival 2018 – and run for prize money, coaching and the undivided attention of the Dutch NGO-sector, potential investors and donors.

The deadline for the submission of innovations has passed. We are proud to announce that the Spindle has received more than 400 applications! Currently, the selection of the best initiatives per category is in full swing. But we can already reveal that innovators from Africa, Asia, and Europe will be present during the Festival. Soon the Spindle will publish which innovations stand the chance to win one of the Awards! Check out the Spindle website to stay informed.



The Innovation Market | At the festival we have saved a special spot for good ideas and innovations. The Innovation Market features several stands where a wide variety of organizations and social enterprises will proudly present their latest innovations to you. Wander through the market and be amazed as IUCN NL shows you how they use music as an impulse environmental protection; meet Fooditive®, the latest brand of innovation in the sweeteners industry; experience War Child’s 'Can’t Wait To Learn' tablet-based educational games program; or discover how Avy uses drones for good. See how Participation.Tools can enable your organization to maximize stakeholder participation; Get immersed in Virtual Reality provided by Makmende; Learn about RNW’s digital campaign on intimate partner violence in India (in collaboration with Ideas42); join Data4Development on their data journey "From partner reports to valid IATI data"; And let Wakibi impress you with what crowdfunding can do. If your hunger for knowledge is still not satisfied by then, we still have a great selection of initiatives waiting for you at the remaining stands. These include One World, Red een Kind, Programma Uitzending Managers (PUM), Ocean Sole, Movietrader, African Study Centre, Ecowings, Ghanaproducts, Upinion, World's Best News, Peacetech Lab and Bamboefietsen. Come and see how their expertise and out-of-the-box thinking opens up endless possibilities for a positive societal impact and seize this opportunity to be inspired!

Films | Do you want a quiet moment and enjoy some amazing films? Go to the filmshow on the third floor. Here you can find films from Hivos like the intimate portraits 'Back to Dignity' & 'Women on the frontline'. Mama Cash, CARE, AIDS Fonds and Action Aid will also screen their latest beautiful productions. Relax and enjoy the movies that matter!

Speeddates | In between the workshops you will have the opportunity to talk to experts in various fields to get specific information or broaden your knowledge. They are happy to answer any question you might have for them, so fire away! You can also get in contact with other festival attendees who share your interests, so take the opportunity to expand your network. The experts at the speeddate are:


Han Valk is director and senior consultant at Han Valk – Fundraising Consultancy. Together with his team of six colleagues, he supports nonprofits in 20 countries in acquiring funding from institutional donors, foundations and major donor around the world. All consultants have worked for NGOs in different countries, so know what is needed to make it work. Han himself has worked as head of fundraising for organizations such as ICCO and KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.

Walter aan de Wiel | Innovation Management and BlockchainWalter's personal mission to create impact through good business. He co-founded 10 social enterprises in three different countries and started a business accelerator called Truvalu.startups. Currently he works as an innovation manager for several NGOs and impact investors and is developing a blockchain company to reduce the operational cost of MFIs. You can ask him all your questions on Enterprise Development, Lean Startup, Blockchain and Innovation Management. 

Gyan Mahadew is currently Managing Director at Data4Development. He holds a bachelor in Communication and studied Public Administration in Rotterdam. Come and see Gyan if you have any questions on Information Management, Change Management, Google Apps or IT tender.

Marens Beckers is passionate about designing marketing strategies that effectively reach ‘Base of the Pyramid’-consumers (BoP). She has a background in Marketing and Finance. In the past, Marens has worked for Unilever and she spend six years working in East Africa. In 2012, Marens started Marketing for Impact, which helps businesses design marketing strategies based on consumer insights. You can ask Marens questions about Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing to the BoP and Insight Generation.

Ronald Siebes is currently deputy head Civil Society Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the main task to coordinate the Dialogue and Dissent Strategic Partnerships. Over the past 25 years he has worked with the ministry as head of the Education and Research Division and Senior Policy Advisor in the areas of education, aid effectiveness and civil society. Ronald is very keen to start the conversation on a future Dialogue and Dissent and to answer as many questions as possible but also to learn from your experiences on the role of civil society in the South.

Tjeerd de Vries currently works at the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result of the renewed emphasis on digitization, Tjeerd will kickstart a two year program called IT for Development (IT4D) meant to mainstream digital solutions in all thematic result areas of the development cooperation portfolio. Main activities will be to gather information, increase knowledge and showcase good examples. At the Partos Innovation Festival Tjeerd would love to exchange views on the subject and get inspired!

Ebe Brons is passionate about the safety of (humanitarian) workers and researchers abroad. To contribute to their safety, Ebe currently works as the director of the Centre for Safety and Development. This organization specializes in advising NGOs, research and educational institutes and government agencies in dealing with dangerous situations when travelling and working abroad. They also give trainings for employees regarding safety. Do you have any questions regarding Travel Risk Management? Ask Ebe!

Bart Sutorius is a faciliator and trainer in Innovation and Business development, with experience in profit and non profit, big and small. He is also involved in (social) entrepreneurship education at the Amsterdam Universities. The trainings and consults of his firm Sutorius have a basis in models such as the Sustainable Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup and Customer Development. You can ask Bart about social entrepreneurshipinnovation, the development of new revenue models.

Gabriëlle Fakkert is consultant, interim manager and management coach. With her consultancy firm, Upstream Management Solutions, she supports non-profit and profit organisations in transforming their internal organisation in such a way that goals are better met and work is done in a more effective and fun way. One of the leading philosophies she uses is LEAN Management. So, if you have questions regarding organisational redesign, leadership, high performing teams and employee involvement? Come and ask Gabriëlle!

Merijn ten Thije is investment associate for sustainable investment fund PDENH. Before joining PDENH, Merijn started a social enterprise (SYOU) himself and has been involved in several other start-ups. PDENH is an investment fund for both established and start-up companies and projects, focussed on energy transition, sustainable mobility and the circular economy. Other sustainable innovations may also be considered for investment. The fund was founded and is financed by the province of North Holland and is managed by KplusV and StartGreen Capital.

Hans Gierkink is a senior consultant and owner at Change-up. He has been advising the international development sector for more than 15 years on quality management, grants, codes and standards. He was involved in developing the Partos 9001, adapting the Partos Code of Conduct and helping more than 15 organizations in the sector to attain an ISO certificate. In addition, Hans and his colleagues were involved in acquiring more than 1 billion Euros in grants for  NGO’s in International Development. He does so by simulating the assessment of grant applications. Concept applications are scored in a few rounds and provided with detailed feedback until they meet all criteria.

Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global network of people and organisations who want to connect, partner and learn together to defend and strengthen civic space and overcome restrictions to our basic freedoms of assembly, association and speech. I4C is a community-led network working on advocacy, research, network building, education and training, fundraising, digital literacy and technology development. Two experts from I4C will be present at the speeddates! Come and talk to them about digital security, the sharing economy, accountability and transparency, campaigning in closed civic spaces and more!