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Call for consultants: Design of Future Lab workshops

Partos is looking for creative, flexible and experienced innovation consultants to design and facilitate one of the workshops of the Future Lab. The Future Lab is a series of practice-oriented workshops aimed at tackling social innovation challenges and designing more impactful innovations in international development cooperation.

25 november 2021

The Future Lab

The Future Lab is part of the Partos Innovation Hub, our platform for social innovation & learning, which we will launch in 2022. The innovation hub aims to support innovators working within Dutch development organizations to develop (new) solutions for a just, inclusive and sustainable world. Through our hub, we aspire to celebrate and accelerate social innovation, co-creation and joint-learning on innovation and social challenges within international civil society partnerships. The focus of our program is informed by the needs of both civil society organizations based in the Netherland and their partners in other regions of the majority world. The Partos Innovation Hub is a key component of the Partos Learning and Innovation Programa five-year program (2021-2025), funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Future Lab is also a follow-up of the Partos Collaborative Innovation Awards 2021 co-organized by the award-winning teams themselvesAs part of their prize, the three Award winners have designed an innovation workshop based on their innovation challenges. After a collective brainstorm, the Award winners and Partos identified three different topics for an innovation workshop. The Future lab will be accessible for Award Winners as well as Partos members and will focus on collaborative learning and exchange between the participants. Furthermore, we value a practice-oriented approach and are looking for agencies that can provide concrete and practical tools & methodologies that can assist the Award winners in addressing their current innovation needs.   

We are searching for design agencies/consultants with ample experience and knowledge on these innovation challenges who are fit to co-create and facilitate an innovation workshop on one or more of these topics:

  • Effective methodologies for monitoring & evaluating digital tools designed for social impact 
  • Scaling innovation – A practical ‘how to?’ workshop
  • Community-led Innovations & Human-centred Design

Process & deliverables 

The workshops will be co-created with the award winners to ensure that their innovation needs are addressed in the workshop. Therefore, the following steps will be followed:

  • Check-in & Needs mapping with Award winner(s)
    Explaining needs & wishes for the workshop with the Innovation Agency. 
  • Facilitation of ½ day workshop
    Facilitating the FutureLab workshop with the three Award winners, Partos members & jury members.
  • Reflection session with Award winners.
    Reflecting on the FutureLab workshops & identifying remaining learning lessons/knowledge gaps for future Partos activities.  


The timeline and planning of the workshop are preliminary and might change on the basis of availability and outcomes of the introductory consultation with the Award winners.

  • December: We invite consultants to share their proposals by the 10th of December (see ToR for specific details on the proposal requirements). Consultants will be contacted in the following week by the 17th of December.  
  • December: Innovation agencies and consultants matched with innovation needs & contracted. 
  • January: Introductory meeting between Partos, Innovation Award winners and consultants. 
  • January: Co-creating workshop outline. 
  • January – February: first innovation workshops. 
  • February – March: Reflection Session with Award winners & Partos. 

Please consult the individual Terms of Reference of the Future Lab workshops for a more detailed description of the assignment. 


Interested to make one or more of these workshops a reality? Please send a proposal (5 pages max.) including a short introduction of the consultancy (team), a (creative) description of the workshop and your approach, a relevant track record and a budget estimate before the 10th of December 2021. Please clearly refer to the workshop of interest in the subject line when submitting your proposal.  Proposals and further inquiries can be addressed to Gigi Pasco Ong-Alok, Innovation Facilitator at Partos (